The new ‘gender-inclusive’ rules for sports clubs

The new ‘gender-inclusive’ rules for sports clubs

New gender-inclusive guidelines have been handed out to sports clubs across Australia

Posted on 25.06.2019

A set of new gender-inclusive guidelines have been handed out to sports clubs across Australia in a bid to accomodate transgender athletes.

The guidelines, developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission alongside Sport Australia and the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS), look to create and promote “inclusive environments in sport at all levels, from community to elite, across Australia”.

Among the suggestions released earlier this month, sports clubs are urged to include sanitary bins in all changing rooms as well as creating a “gender-neutral space”.

Clubs will also need to ensure they have identified the correct names and pronouns prior to an athlete’s participation and to continually use them throughout “conversations, databases, documents and correspondence”.

Athletes must also have access to the uniforms of their choice, with clubs ensuring appropriate sizes are available.

The guidelines identifies a trans woman not being able to order a tennis skirt in the appropriate size as a breach of inclusion rules.

Clubs should also appoint a Gender Inclusion Officer as a point of contact for transgender athletes who need to discuss issues with their participation.

With regards to youth sport, clubs would need to allow a biological boy aged 12 or younger to compete against girls.

The guidelines have been implemented to provide information on how clubs can adhere to the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984 which “prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity in certain areas of public life”.

Sport ‘must be inclusive and safe for all’

“The Guidelines provide a significant opportunity for all of those involved in Australian sports—from grassroots participants and clubs to governing bodies—to reflect on how they can facilitate diversity and inclusion”

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