Swimming around Moreton Island

Swimming around Moreton Island

A massive endurance feat through shark-infested waters

Posted on 17.02.2020

Sharks, menacing tides and poor water visibility are some of the dangers Jessica Evans’ will face when she attempts to swim around Moreton Island later this month in a bid to draw attention to mental health issues.

The open water competitor said she believes she will become the first person to complete the 100-kilometre journey around the world’s third largest sand island off the coast of South East Queensland.

In preparation, Evans has undertaken a brutal, non-stop and unforgiving training program.

But the 32-year-old is willing to suffer through the weekly torture sessions in a bid to honour her uncle, whose long, silent struggle with depression ended when he took his own life last year.

“Sadly, a few months ago we lost my uncle Barry,” Evans said.

“He was having this fight with depression and none of us really knew how deep and how severe that was.

“He was the light of the room more often than not, and to have that taken away from you, I really think the family is struggling — everyone’s looking for answers.”

Evans said she searched for an explanation by researching mental health issues, which led her to the Black Dog Institute.

“I thought, ‘I want to do something big and I want to do something that hasn’t been done before to raise money for that charity’.”

Key points

  • The 100-kilometre journey around Moreton Island is like swimming three English Channels
  • Jessica Evans is hoping to raise money for the Black Dog Institute
  • Her only protection from sharks will be an electronic shield

Michael Rennie
ABC News





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