Style over Speed

Style over Speed

The style-over-speed cyclists showing the easy way to be an everyday bike rider

Posted on 28.03.2019

When you think of cycling, you could be forgiven for picturing hardcore lycra-clad athletes bent over their handle bars.

But getting from A to B on a bike doesn’t have to involve sweat and racing gear, or even a change of clothes.

In a trend sometimes referred to as ‘style over speed’, men and women are choosing to ride in their own way, at their own pace and in their everyday outfits.

If you like the sound of that, these three stylish riders might be the inspiration you need.

‘It’s just the way I want to ride’

ABC Radio Brisbane afternoons host Kat Feeney enjoys a leisurely 20-minute bike ride to and from work without compromising on style.

Her Dutch commuter bicycle accommodates her love of dresses and heels, with its upright position, big step-through and chain guards.

“When it comes to bike riding there is this expectation of ‘you should ride a bike like this’.

“I came to realise that wasn’t right for me, I wanted to ride a bicycle my way and that included riding in the clothes I wanted to wear and travelling at the pace I wanted to travel at.”

Despite living in hot and humid Brisbane, Kat minimises sweating by taking it easy.

“The pace I’m going at, you’d work up the same amount of sweat walking from the bus stop.”

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