Visioning the Outdoors

Photographer: Georgina Pratten

Film & Photo Competition

As the competition is now closed, the judges are busy selecting the category winners and voting is underway for the People’s Choice and Instagram winners.

So how does People’s Choice work and how you can help your favourite entry to win?

Basically, YOU vote for your favourites – simply go online to the People’s Choice voting pages and give your favourite films and photos the ‘Vote!’

Your People’s Choice votes and all the votes from the people you encourage to get on board will be added up at the ending of the voting period.

The films and photos with the highest number of votes win! Simples!


The theme is LIVE LIFE OUTDOORS, a celebration of the power of outdoor recreation activities to enrich people’s lives. We want you to submit photos or short films that capture the essence of your life lived outdoors. This might be your adventure, your escape, your connection, whatever your unique experience of the outdoors may be.

Visioning the Outdoors Film & Photo Competition photographers create visions of living life outdoors that inspire people to get outdoors more often, to visit new places, or revisit old favourites, to try new activities, or challenge themselves further.

The Visioning the Outdoors Film & Photo Competition encourages lovers of the outdoors to celebrate the power of outdoor recreation to positively impact people’s lives.

The overall purpose of the competitions is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • encourage outdoor recreationists to capture images and create representations of their experiences;
  • build recognition amongst the wider community of outdoor activities, people and spaces;
  • inspire increased participation and respect for outdoor recreation and recreation environments;
  • raise the profile of the outdoor recreation and education sector; and
  • create shared value for partners supporting Visioning the Outdoors.

Visioning the Outdoors has been designed to contribute towards QORF’s broader objectives.

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Tail Lights by Georgina Pratten