COVID Safe Plans

COVID Safe Plans

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QORF/Outdoors Queensland has been working closely with representatives of the Queensland outdoor sector and the State Government to develop two new COVID Safe Plans that will provide guidance for outdoor organisations on their road back to operation post the pandemic.

The purpose of these COVID Safe Plans are to help the Queensland outdoor sector show the health authorities and the community that they operate sufficiently safely and can service more participants/customers than the baseline restrictions at each stage in Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions (the Roadmap). The plans are accessible for all organisations in Queensland outdoor sector to consider (regardless of membership of an industry peak body such as QORF).

From 12 noon 3 July 2020, if the COVID Safe Business Framework applies to your industry or business you are required to operate in accordance with it. (Source: Approved COVID Safe Industry Plans)

If there is no COVID Safe Industry Plan for your business or organisation you can only continue to operate under the conditions of the applicable stage of the Roadmap and as per the relevant Chief Health Officer public health directions.

While the two plans, one for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers and the other for Outdoor Education Providers are designed for specific user groups, they do not provide the complete solution for either group. For example, activity providers may also need to refer to the Queensland Tourism and Accommodation plan, while outdoor educators may need to refer to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Campgrounds plan.

COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers

This COVID SAFE Plan has been developed for Queensland Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers (including event organisers), who deliver organised outdoor activities to groups of participants.

Excerpts from the introduction: Purpose

Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers range from community groups like Scouts Queensland and Girl Guides Queensland, businesses like surf schools, paddling skills coaches and outdoor leaders, clubs like mountain bike clubs and bushwalking clubs, through to educational institutions that take students into the outdoors to learn.

Please note, some elements of this COVID SAFE Plan apply to Queensland Outdoor Education Providers in relation to how organised outdoor activities are delivered. In addition, a separate COVID SAFE Plan has been prepared for Queensland Outdoor Education Providers (see below), due to a range of different factors that need to be considered in the delivery of outdoor education programs.

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COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Education Providers

This COVID SAFE Plan has been developed for Queensland Outdoor Education Providers (commonly referred to as school camp operators).

Excerpts from the introduction: Purpose

The outdoor education activity covered by this COVID SAFE Plan is primarily accommodation (sleeping arrangements, dining and bathroom facilities) for groups of school-aged children with attendant adults, such as teachers. In the outdoor education context, accommodation could be in rooms at an outdoor education centre or it could be in tents in a bushland setting.

It is important to note that there is a consistent interaction between other approved industry COVID safe plans and this plan. If there are multiple activities being undertaken at a venue (for example – dining, sports, fitness or recreational), several approved industry plans may apply.

Where there is clear separation between the activities (e.g. dining and sport) the conditions of that relevant plan may apply to the relevant area.  Therefore, this plan will reference other industry plans and the need to take a consistent approach with those plans where applicable.

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The COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for Queensland State Schools has been updated to read:

Excursions and camps
Excursions and camps are permitted to be held at locations or businesses that have approved COVID Safe Industry Plans and Department of Education Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres with residential facilities are required to follow the Queensland Government’s approved COVID Safe Industry Plan for outdoor education providers.

If excursions and camps are to be held at a business or organisation not covered by an approved COVID Safe Industry Plan, the principal must ensure all measures have been taken to meet departmental and Chief Health Officer requirements. An excursion / camp risk assessment taking into account approved COVID-19 control measures must be undertaken prior to approval.

Your COVID Safe Operational Plan

Organisations will need to modify their operational plans to show how within their operating environments they will achieve compliance with the protocols in an industry plan.

You can use a COVID Safe industry plan as a framework for developing your own operational plan – you do NOT need to submit your operational plan for approval. You need to develop your plan in accordance with the protocols set out in an approved industry plan, and implement it!

QORF/Outdoors Queensland will assist with implementation of the plan, but each organisation is regarded as the expert in their own operating environment.

Any organisation undertaking activity in accordance with an industry plan must print, sign and display a Statement of Compliance.


More events can be held from Stage 3 guided by a new addition to the COVID Safe Framework, the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events.

This Framework sets out key public health principles and event-specific public health strategies that will limit the transmission of COVID-19 at events, help event organisers operate safely and is applicable for all events.

The Framework does not alter the existing approval arrangements that apply to events. As an event organiser, you are still required to obtain the relevant approvals/permits from the venue/land owner, local council and/or Queensland Police Service.

  • Fewer than 500 people – no Queensland Health approval needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist
  • 500 to 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local Public Health units
  • Over 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer

Please note (Source: Businesses, activities and undertakings) from July 24:

  • All patrons in food and drink venues must be seated when eating or drinking. You can still order, pay or collect food and drinks at the bar or service counter, but you’ll need to pull up a chair to drink and eat.
  • Events may operate in compliance with an Approved Industry or Site Specific Plan, in addition to a COVID SAFE Event Plan. If more than 500 people will be attending an event operating under an Industry or Site Specific Plan, the organiser must tell the local public health unit at least 10 business days before the event taking place.

For more info, go to/download:

How to be COVID Safe – and share it
Ensuring your business or event is COVID Safe can seem like a big task. But being COVID Safe is not only a Government requirement, it is also an important part of effectively marketing your business to travellers who are emerging from lockdown restrictions and seeking safe travel experiences. This quick guide for tourism operators from TEQ sums it up …

Amendments (August 22, 2020)

Please note the following amendments to the Queensland Government ‘Roadmap to easing restrictions

Extra restrictions have been put in place to keep Queenslanders safe. Listed local government areas are now subject to additional restrictions, including:

  • limiting gatherings to a maximum of 10 people in homes and public spaces #*
  • restricting visitors to residential aged care and disability accommodation facilities
  • restricting visitors in public and private hospitals.

In the rest of the state, gatherings in homes and public spaces have been reduced to a maximum of 30 people. #*
The listed local government areas and maximum number for gatherings are subject to change on advice from the Chief Health Officer. For more information, visit the Queensland Health website.

# Visitors can be from different households
* Includes private services or functions without a COVID Safe Plan.


  • Read and review the COVID Safe Plan(s) appropriate for your organisation – it may be necessary for some outdoor activity providers to also review the Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Plan and/or the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Campgrounds Plan.
  • Develop your own COVID Safe Operational Plan based on the appropriate COVID Safe Plan(s).
  • Train your staff in how to work within your new COVID Safe Operational Plan.
  • Update/inform your contractors and suppliers regarding your COVID Safe Operational Plan.
  • Share your COVID Safe Operational Plan with the land/ water managers of the outdoor spaces you access (if appropriate).
  • Update/inform your insurer regarding your COVID Safe Operational Plan.
  • Complete and display a Statement of Compliance to demonstrate you are operating as a COVID Safe Business.


  1. If you need help understanding the COVID Safe Plan(s) please email staff at the Queensland Government Sport & Recreation Centres on
  2. If you would like your new COVID Safe Operational Plan assessed against the COVID Safe Plans for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers or Outdoor Education Providers, consider engaging a consultant to do an external assessment. The following QORF members have indicated that they are willing to assist (if any other consultants would like to be added to this list, please contact us):

  3. It is not necessary to lodge your COVID Safe Operational Plan with QORF/Outdoors Queensland or any government agency for approval.
  4. It is recommended that your COVID Safe Operational Plan is well considered, well laid out and that you are able to justify your choices and actions if necessary
  5. A Provider can choose not to opt-in to a COVID Safe Plan. However it can only it continue to operate under the more limited conditions of the applicable stage of the Roadmap and as per the relevant Chief Health Officer public health directions.

As further discussion on the implementation of COVID Safe Plans will be included in our weekly Coffee & Conversation online chats we encourage organisations to register and join us every Friday morning at 11.00 am. Click link below for more info and registration


Please go to Resources & Support if you have any questions or need further support from Sport & Recreation. This page will be updated regularly with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), fact sheets and links.

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The information on this page has been taken from credible sources and is shared with the best of intentions. While we have have done our best to provide the most up to date information, we cannot take responsibility for any person or organisation suffering as a result of using the information shared on this page. It is the responsibility of all organisations to do their research, to comply with all relevant legislation and to be aware of current government advice.

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