Green Flags flying over parks down under

Roma Street Parklands

Green Flags flying over parks down under

6 parks and green spaces in Australia have been awarded the international Green Flag Award

Posted on 07.05.2019

Twenty two parks and green spaces have been awarded the coveted international Green Flag Award across Australia and New Zealand. (including two in Queensland)

The Green Flag Award is the international mark of a quality park or green space, judged by green space-expert volunteers, across eight criteria. These criteria include horticultural standards, cleanliness, sustainability, community involvement and providing a warm welcome.

In total this year, 16 parks in New Zealand and six in Australia have made the grade to be awarded a Green Flag. Among this year’s winners were 11 flags achieved by Auckland City Council, including first time winner Auckland Domain.

The Green Flag Award scheme is being piloted in Australia and New Zealand by the New Zealand Recreation Association. The scheme was launched in 1996 and is managed in England by Keep Britain Tidy, now flags fly over 1,700 sites across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew Leslie, CEO of New Zealand Recreation Association said: “We know the significant contribution that public parks make to healthy lifestyles. If we want liveable cities and thriving communities, then we need to invest in these public spaces and ensure that everyone, no matter where they live, has access to quality parks and green spaces.”

Parks & Leisure Australia chief executive Mark Band said he was looking forward to expanding the list of award winning parks next year.

“The winning parks are meeting the needs of their local community by providing high standard open spaces. By working together with NZRA, I hope to see even more names on the list next year,” Mr Band said.

International Green Flag Award Scheme manager, Paul Todd said: “We are delighted to be celebrating winners in Australia and New Zealand, doubling the numbers of flags now flying here. We are also delighted to be working with the New Zealand Recreation Association. All the flags flying this year are a testament to the efforts of both staff and volunteers, whose energy, dedication and enthusiasm helps to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award. When you visit a park and see the Green Flag flying, you know you are in one of the very best green space.”

List of winners: Australia

Centennial Park, Centennial Parklands, Sydney
Royal Park, City of Melbourne, Melbourne
Fitzroy Gardens, City of Melbourne, Melbourne
Sydney Park, City of Sydney, Sydney
Roma Street Parklands, City Parklands Services Pty Ltd, Brisbane
Southbank Parklands, City Parklands Services Pty Ltd, Brisbane

The Green Flag Award Scheme ( is run by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, under licence from the UK Government – Department of Communities and Local Government.

The scheme is currently being piloted in a number of countries with the plan for full International expansion in the coming years.

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