Dirt Bike Rider Dies from Heatstroke

Dirt Bike Rider Dies from Heatstroke

Matthew Hall was dirt bike riding on the Sunshine Coast when he collapsed with heatstroke.

Posted on 16.01.2017

A Brisbane pilot has died of heatstroke while riding his dirt bike in the Sunshine Coast hinterland on Friday.

Matthew Hall, 30, was riding through Beerburrum State Forest when he began to feel ill.

When paramedics reached him, he was confused and his organs were reportedly shutting down.

Critical heatstroke starts at 41 degrees. Matthew’s temperature was 42.

His organs were shutting down and he deteriorated as the rescue helicopter landed.

He died at the scene of critical heat stroke, just as a rescue helicopter landed.

His wife Emily told 7 News the death of her “best friend” and “soul mate” had come just two weeks before the birth of their first child.

“I can’t fathom life without him but my strength is knowing he will live through his son,” she said.

After head injury, heat stress is the biggest concern for dirt bike riders.

Dr Chris Zappala from the AMAQ said it was crucial to maintain water intake, especially on hot days.“When you’re in a really, really hot environment working quite hard it can be like seven to 10 litres a day, it can be enormous the amount of sweat we are losing,” he told 7 News.

For the past week, temperatures have ranged from 30 to 35 degrees in Brisbane.

QORF offers our condolences to the rider’s family.

We urge other dirt bike riders and all people heading outdoors during the heat to consider moderating your activity during the hottest part of the day, maintain your water intake, seek shade to get out of the sun and take care of each other.

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