Critical Incident Management Planning

Critical Incident Management Planning

Information, tools and resources to help organisations prepare and deal with a critical incident.

Posted on 28.05.2019

Today we have launched a new web page on Critical Incident Management Planning and announced our forthcoming Critical Incident Management Planning Workshops.

As stated in our Mission, our primary purpose is ‘to raise the profile, capacity and opportunity for outdoor recreation in Queensland and encourages all people to recreate outdoors’. To proactively address the responsibility inherent in our Mission, we are committed to providing information, tools and resources to the sector on a variety of topics, such as Risk Management, Staff Development, Industrial Relations, WH&S, Governance, Media Management, Organisational Development and Critical Incident Management Planning.

The web page will become the go to source of information and resources on the topic of Critical Incident (or Crisis) Management and will be updated regularly as new items become available.

The Workshops

As practitioners who design, plan and deliver enriching outdoor programs in schools, tourism organisations, clubs, universities, church groups, businesses and in many other contexts, we strive to make our programs engaging, rewarding and successful through excellent proactive risk and safety management practices. Unfortunately, serious and critical incidents can, and do occur, and these situations, more so than any other, require a response that best supports, and cares for our participants, staff and the wider community. To achieve this during highly stressful, rapidly evolving and potentially heartbreaking circumstances, requires a well-planned, practiced, and current crisis management plan.

QORF in conjunction with the Outdoor Educators Association of Queensland (OEAQ) is hosting a series of critical incident management planning workshops throughout 2019. The workshops, designed for both the education sector and the broader outdoor activity community, will cover both Reactive and Proactive Critical Incident Management. The workshops will be run as two sessions in both Brisbane and Cairns.

Outdoor activity providers

The outdoor activity providers workshop will suit all outdoor activity providers by using relevant and applicable case studies. By focusing on the operating contexts that outdoor providers engage with (e.g. limited resources to support, casual and volunteer work forces, multiple third-party involvement), participants will learn how to optimise their crisis management response. This workshop is suitable for club committee members, event organisers, managers, owners and coordinators who plan and oversee outdoor activity programs.


The education sector workshop will apply relevant case studies and address the unique context of schools conducting off-site outdoor programs, excursions and overseas tours. The operational environment of schools will be integrated into the session (e.g. use of subcontractors). It is suitable for coordinators, WHS staff and management staff who approve off-site programs.

Session 1 - Reactive Critical Incident Management

Participants will gain an understanding of crisis management theory, including learning how different parts of the brain are activated therefore making rational and strategic thought very difficult during crisis situations. We will identify the multiple stages of crisis response and explore how to optimise our organisational response to them.  Participants will experience this firsthand through the conduct of applicable case studies, scenario and press conference.


This workshop will equip attendees with the tools to conduct a self-assessment of their own organisation’s crisis management system. This day is focused on reactive risk management.

For more information on the Session 1 workshop and to make a booking, go to:

Session 2 – Proactive Critical Incident Management

We’ll delve into the world of risk communication and analyse the importance of crafting messages through various mediums – e.g. words, images and graphics; all of which enable the organisation to be positioned in the best light prior to, and in the event of a critical incident. In this workshop, participants will be asked to bring their own critical incident plans and we’ll review them systematically – both proactively (what you say publicly now) and reactively (what you need to have ready in the event of a critical incident).

This day is focused on proactive risk management.

For more information on the Session 1 workshop and to make a booking, go to:


We are very pleased to announce that the workshops will be facilitated by Dr Clare Dallat.

Dr Clare Dallat is the Director of Risk Resolve; a service that provides proactive and reactive risk management services for organisations across Australia and internationally. Clare has a PhD in Human Factors and an MSc. in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. She is an experienced outdoor educator and has over twenty years of practice in all aspects of the led-outdoor activity domain, including field leadership, program coordination and executive leadership.

If you don’t choose to do it* in ‘planning’ time up front,
you do it in crisis management time down the road.

(adapted from a quote by Steven Covey)


* Critical Incident Management Planning




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