Pinnacle Sports Leader Guide SPA & SPC

Pinnacle Sports Leader Guide SPA & SPC

Learn to lead others in activities that involve exposure to falls from height.






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Pinnacle Sports
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Competency in vertical rescue and chosen specialist skills must be demonstrated before beginning training at this level. A person cannot proceed to leader/guide training unless these pre-requisite skills are proven.

Training is concerned with the application of skills to ensure that the planned activity is safely and consistently achieved. The term ‘safely’ is defined as the lowest reasonably achievable risk level.

Training at this level constitutes a departure from pure recreational adventures where the focus is narrowed to a personal level (and perhaps one other partner in the case of rescue). Leadership training is designed to ensure that the trainee guide is aware of and undertakes their clear duties and responsibilities toward others. The focus is now directed at managing others on a recreational activity at height all within defined time constraints. Trainees will be responsible for ensuring that those persons under their care, have an enjoyable and as far as is reasonably possible – a safe experience.

Participants also learn how to implement and monitor OH&S procedures in consideration of identified hazards and risks in the workplace (this being the activity site).

During leadership/guides training, the trainee will take charge of a group of ‘clients’ and guide them through an activity specific context (eg Top Rope Climbing or Abseiling). The clients may be real or role-played, Although emphasis will be place on real clients and role playing will only be used as a last resort if time constraints require it. during the activity real ‘problems’ may occur ‘guide’ must deal with. The trainee guide will also be given simulated problems to deal with so they are prepared for the real world.

Final Assessment
Students are expected to generate work plans and risk assessments for each of the endorsements to which the are being trained (for example top rope climbing and abseiling endorsements will require separate work plans and risk assessments). Final assessment will take the form of an activity in each of the chosen endorsements with simulated or real clients and will be run exactly as the work plan and risk assessment dictates. During the assessment simulated problems may arise that need to be dealt with.

Individual work plans and risk assessments must completed and handed back to the instructor, prior to the assessment date for each of the endorsements. The assessment is to be run as per the completed and final work plans and risk assessments. These plans must be the individuals work

Our instructors
Our awesome instructors are highly trained and accredited by PACI (Professional Association of Climbing Instructors). Put simply, they are subject matter experts. They’ll provide you with all the gear you’ll need, as well as the theory material you’ll need to get a firm understanding of the concepts you’ll learn. If you have your own gear, we encourage you to bring it along – your instructor will check it out and let you know if it’s suitable to use.

Sessions and Locations

  • Typically Kangaroo Point Brisbane & Glasshouse Mountains (approx 1 hour north of Brisbane)
  • The instructor will confirm locations based on participants requirements (this could include various natural cliffs in and around SEQ


Pinnacle Sports

Phone: 07 3368 3335
Fax: 07 3368 3336
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