Book Launch: Rob Simson’s ‘The Osprey’s Dolls’

Book Launch: Rob Simson’s ‘The Osprey’s Dolls’

An Invitation to the BOOK LAUNCH of Rob Simson's 'The Osprey's Dolls'






1:30 pm
0487 792 74

by Robin Simson*

Brookland Village
18 Romulus Street
Robertson, Qld 4109
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Welcome drink on arrival and afternoon tea after the launch.

For catering purposes please advise by phone on 0487 792 740 or email if you intend to attend.

Synopsis: The Osprey's Dolls

The Osprey’s Dolls

Meredith Jackson is 17 when her father drowns in an accident at a Scout Jamboree. Mer is left to pick up the pieces with her mother and brothers and re-focus their lives. However, another tragedy is not far away and the family is in turmoil again.

Mer’s mother, Annabel, is a celebrity from the golden era of Australian swimming in the 1950s. Annabel is the ‘darling daughter’ of the Windsor community west of Sydney. Her fame originates from a dramatic rescue from the June 1949 Hawkesbury River flood at the age of fourteen. Just three years later a controversy surrounds Annabel’s failure to reach the Olympic 200m breaststroke final at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. She makes amends when, as a mother of two, she makes it into the final at Melbourne in 1956. But much of what happened in Finland remains unexplained.

Guiding Mer through her personal odyssey is the strange ethereal presence of the osprey, which Mer identifies as being like her personal totem. There is also the uncanny relationship she has with the paintings of Ari Niemela, a Finnish artist whose body is recovered from the surf in front of her on a hot summer’s night at Currumbin Rocks.

Complicating Mer’s search for understanding is her mother’s close relationship with Bishop Rev. Peter Hale, an outspoken social reformer, but still, in Mer’s artist’s eyes, the embodiment of all she wants to reject in the form of organised religion. Eventually in Finland, through the love of a caring family, and the wisdom of the aged shaman, Margita, truth is able to be unraveled.

Some of the emotion in the story is embossed through extracts from John Shaw Neilson’s nature poetry, providing a subtle tribute to one of Australia’s great lyricists who sadly is so little known.

* Rob Simson, a QORF Life member since 2010 and a passionate supporter of the outdoors, sadly passed away on Sunday 15th July, 2018.




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