2020 International Adventure Conference

2020 International Adventure Conference

Flourish: Care for our world and our people






New Zealand
Susan Houge Mackenzie

In New Zealand in 2020, ATRA encourages everyone to imagine: what does it mean for our people and planet to flourish? What do thriving adventure environments, communities and economies look like, and how do we get there? And, what part might the lands, lives, practices and philosophies of adventure play in that flourishing?

The 8th International Adventure Conference builds on previous events in Scotland, Norway, England, Ireland and Spain, which attracted global audiences with a diverse range of expertise.

In support of this theme, presentations will be guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations. Importantly, these challenging aspirations extend our thinking beyond environmental concerns framed in narrow ideals of pristine protected wildernesses. The goals emphasise human interactions with the planet, nature and one another. The ‘Flourish’ theme of the 8th IAC links to the SDGs by exploring what this concept might mean in practice for destinations, operations, communities, cultures and environments. Flourish is a critical yet positive, forward-looking and hopeful concept – qualities in short supply in current times of burning rainforests, plastic oceanic islands and human inequalities and exploitation. Our hope is that outdoor adventure can play a role in supporting human and non-human flourishing in the 21stcentury.

Queenstown, home of innovative adventure and nature-based activities, is the ideal place for outdoor researchers, operators and policy makers to converse, share and reflect, as well as offering myriad opportunities to experience nature and adventure.

Join us for this unique conference that brings academics and practitioners together to share ideas, foster connections, and extend the ongoing conversation of the International Adventure Conference.

Queenstown Resort College
7 Coronation Drive
Queenstown, New Zealand
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