Save our Trails

Save our Trails

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Posted on 19.02.2019

The ‘dome’, as it is affectionately called by Townsville residents, shattered spectacularly in February 2019.

The monumental downpour of monsoonal rain caused record breaking flooding throughout the Townsville region & beyond. Unfortunately, the trails at the Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve did not escape the ravages of the storm.

Located near the Townsville Hospital, the Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve is a popular all-ages, dedicated Mountain Bike Park in Townsville. The Reserve features over 43 km of trails, and caters to all skill levels; from kids starting out on balance bikes & training wheels to crazy jump happy, thrill seekers shredding the gnarrrr!.

The intense rainfall caused significant damage to the entire network with 16km of trails needing repairs by contractors with machinery.

While a small army of dedicated volunteers are donating their time to start the mammoth clean up effort, Rockwheelers urgently need donations to fund major repair work in the newer & advanced sections of the trail network. The advanced trails, some just finished, & ironically waiting for some ‘good rainfall’ to bed the trail in – cant be physically stabilised by hand. Rockwheelers are going to need machines & professional trail builders & contractors to re-build these sections.

May 2019, sees the reserve host the Townsville Mountain Bike Festival, which includes the MTBA Marathon National Championships.

So no pressure, but Rockwheelers really, really (let’s throw in another really here) NEED the trails open by late April, at the latest to successfully host the festival & this prestigious endurance race.

Please donate to Rockwheelers Save Our Trails Campaign.

Please note donations are made through the Australian Sports Foundation





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