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To apply for the QORF Young Adventurer scholarship, please read all the Terms & Conditions, make sure you have all the necessary information,  fill in all details below and when complete, click SUBMIT Application

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  • Born in Queensland, or current residents for at least two years
  • Name, DOB, Place of Residence
  • Please describe clearly and succinctly
  • The type of expedition, locations, length, activities, how you will journey ...?
  • Outline skills, experience and capacity to successfully attempt the expedition in a safe and respectful manner
  • Start, expected duration, finish
  • Expedition route, training plan, support networks, risk management and communication plans. Attach separate pages as required to respond to this question
  • A breakdown of costs: expenses, what the scholarship will be used for, other sponsorship /funding
  • How you will capture and share your expedition with others
  • Add an additional file, map, or photo as required
  • Required if the applicant is under 18 at the time of the application. QORF will contact Parent/ Guardian to confirm consent.

    As the parent/ guardian of the applicant(s) I hereby give my consent to this application, knowing the applicant(s) has/ have the skills, capacity, temperament and experience to attempt the proposed expedition.
  • Confirmation and Commitments

Please note that further details and/ or consent forms may be requested from selected applicants to determine the individual/ group’s capacity to achieve their expedition plan

Please email if you need assistance

Thank you

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing          (Helen Keller)

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