QORF Young Adventurer

QORF Young Adventurer

A young Queenslander (or group of young Queenslanders) selected to be a QORF Young Adventurer, will receive a scholarship to help make their dream a reality and ‘live life outdoors’..

QORF is excited to offer a scholarship to support young Queenslanders who are seeking to expand their adventurous horizons through an outdoor expedition. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage young Queenslanders to test their skills, explore natural environments, develop their leadership and actively experience personal development through an outdoor adventure.  In return we expect the recipient to share their experiences and learnings with others so more young people can be inspired to dream, act and find their own adventure

What is an Adventurous Expedition?

A trip. A journey. A balanced risk that matches your skills with the challenges of the environment and its changing context.

Adventure: An unusual and exciting, typically risky experience or activity with an uncertain outcome.
Expedition: A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research or war.

Adventurous expeditions are not to be entered into lightly. They involve using your skills, experience and judgement to traverse a ‘wilderness’ environment. This could be on land, water, in the mountains, underground, on snow, river, desert, sea or in the bush. The expedition should occur over a period of days or weeks and will require your activity-specific skills (e.g. bushwalking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, diving, horse riding, etc.), as well as your planning and expedition management abilities (e.g. navigation, communication, expedition planning, first aid, public speaking, etc.).

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.    
                                                                                      (Mark Twain)

Who Can Apply?

Who can apply?

A Queenslander or a group of Queenslanders (i.e. born in Queensland, or current residents of Queensland for at least two years)

Age on Application: Minimum – 16 years of age, Maximum – under 26 years of age.

Note: Any applicant or group team members who are under the age of 18 at the commencement of the outdoor adventure must have a parent or guardian’s signature of consent on the scholarship contract.

Where Can I Go?

The expedition can be anywhere in Queensland or Australia

Please note, the scholarship is NOT:

  • To fund your holiday – no matter how adventurous!
  • To be used on a guided or commercial venture


How Much Is the Scholarship?

The QORF Young Adventurer scholarship can be as much as $2500

There will be three scheduled payments:

  • up to $1000 on the announcement of the QORF Young Adventurer
  • up to $1000 during the planning stage, and
  • up to $500 on completion of the expedition.

What can the scholarship be used for?

  • The scholarship may be used for anything that assists the recipient to complete their expedition. It may include contribution towards transportation costs, specialist equipment, food or communications.

Please note:

  • QORF expects the scholarship recipient to be a positive role model for the outdoor community, behave in a responsible manner and present themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. This includes on social media, at public events and in the press.
  • QORF reserves the right to withhold the scholarship payments if the Young Adventurer program, QORF or the outdoor community is compromised in any way.
How Do I Apply?

Complete the Application Form questions about your proposed expedition.
This includes:

  • The name of the expedition
  • Contact details
  • Team members
  • The goal of the expedition
  • The nature of the expedition (e.g. type of expedition, locations, length, etc.)
  • The team – skills, experience, capacity
  • Dates
  • An overview of the expedition plan and logistics including expedition route, training plan, support networks, risk management, safety procedures and communications
  • The expedition budget – how you will use the scholarship
  • Recording the expedition – how you will capture and share your expedition for others
  • Signed acknowledgement that the recipient winner/s will conduct their expedition in accordance with their expedition plan, abide by the rules of the scholarship and engage in communications on behalf of QORF to report on their adventure

Please make sure you clearly demonstrate:

  • Evidence of safety procedures / appropriate risk management
  • Applicant/s born in or current resident/s of Queensland
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake the expedition as described
  • Ability to deliver presentations at QORF events to promote outdoor adventure and to profile your experience/s

Additional files can be attached to your application form if required.

Go to the Application Form

On receipt of the application, further details and/ or consent forms may be requested from selected applicants to determine the individual/ group’s capacity to achieve their expedition plan.

Inspiration comes in many forms – show us how your expedition is inspiring!

How Do I Contribute to QORF ?
  • QORF must be recognised as an expedition sponsor. This includes the use of the QORF Young Adventurer logo on any promotional material, including websites / blogs / social media and on any expedition equipment or clothing.
  • Provide fortnightly updates on your training and progress in preparation for, and during, the expedition that can be shared, in part or whole, through your own and QORF’s communication channels (e.g. Facebook, eNews, QORFTV).
  • Be a QORF Young Adventurer ambassador and help promote increased participation in outdoor recreation. This may include attending QORF events and celebrations.
  • At QORF’s request (and where reasonably practical), conduct up to three ‘inspiring’ presentations on your expedition, the experiences and the learnings.
Terms & Conditions
  • It is the scholarship winner’s responsibility to identify all the risks of their expedition and to plan accordingly to have a safe and environmentally sustainable adventure.
  • QORF and any other supporting sponsors as part of this scholarship will not be held responsible for accidents or physical (including death), emotional or financial harm that the scholarship recipient/s may experience (or inflict on others) as a result of receiving the scholarship and embarking on their outdoor adventure.
  • QORF will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by applicants in submitting their applications, or for costs related to the expedition itself.
  • QORF may provide feedback on your application. In some circumstances, acting on this feedback may be required to secure the scholarship support.
  • If, in the opinion of QORF, applications do not meet the required standard, no scholarship for the year will be granted.
  • QORF needs to be acknowledged at every media opportunity, as Expedition Sponsors. If this causes conflict with other sponsor/s, this must be negotiated prior to the applicant/s embarking on the adventure activity. In the unlikely event this process is unresolved, QORF may withdraw their scholarship support and the applicant/s will return the scholarship funds to QORF.
  • QORF will be free to publicise their support of your expedition, using any photographs, logos, slogans you may have, in media promotions they are involved with.
  • Images obtained by QORF of the scholarship winner/s may be used for promotional and advertising purposes. Scholarship winners will provide QORF with written statements granting QORF permission to make unrestricted and repeated commercial use of the digital images, photographs and their negatives, and releasing liabilities that may arise from such use.
Previous Recipients

John Cantor ‘QLD Young Adventurer 2012’
In 2012, John completed the fifth and fastest solo traverse of the Brooks Range in Alaska, and in 2014, with the support of the QLD Young Adventurer scholarship, he went onto attempt a similar crossing in winter.

About QORF

QORF (the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation):

  • QORF is the peak industry body representing the interests of outdoor recreation users in Queensland. QORF affirms the value of outdoor recreation and encourages the opportunity for all people to recreate outdoors. As part of this role, QORF promotes the outdoor sector to government, land and water managers and the general public and encourages people to engage in outdoor recreation activities – at their level.
  • QORF’s purpose is to raise the profile, and develop capacity and opportunity for outdoor recreation in Queensland. This is done through representation of members and member groups, promotion of members and outdoor activities, advocacy with government and land / water managers, and education of members and the community.

Adventure: An unusual and exciting, typically risky experience or activity with an uncertain outcome.

Expedition: A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.

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