The Nominations

The 2017 Nominations

The Award for Outstanding Achievement (Individual)

Sponsor: The Queensland Government

Narell McKenna, Greystone Farm Nature Play

Narell McKenna
Greystone Farm Nature Play

Narell is an early childhood educator, she is an outspoken advocate for outdoor nature play. She runs a daycare, playgroups, school holiday programmes, bush/farm/river school programmes and more. She hosts community events such as tree planting days, gardening lessons, outdoor art classes, healthy living and outdoor education classes at her farm or the creeks and bush at GIPA with permission from Ngarang-wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association.

The Nature Play Community Award

Sponsor: Nature Play QLD

Andy Currey, Sun and Stars Bushcraft

Andy Currey
Sun and Stars Bushcraft

Andy Currey is on a mission to get kids outside and immerse them in nature.

Realising a dream, he founded a business called “Sun & Stars Bushcraft” with the purpose of fostering connection and exploration in nature. His Friday afternoon “bush-club” has been an opportunity for young kids to unwind and reconnect with nature after a week of structured inside schooling. He’s also started a program for home schooled kids to get together once a week and explore social connection in a natural environment.

Narell Neville, Greystone Farm Nature Play

Narell Neville
Greystone Farm Nature Play

Narell is an early childhood trained educator who runs Greystone Farm Nature Play home daycare and playgroup from her property in the Gold Coast Hinterland, as well as basing some activities on traditional land of the Yugumbeh people. Narell is a very warm and loving individual who creates strong bonds with all of the children, regardless of ability. Her warm and loving nature extends to all living things and this is modelled through her actions and teachings to the children on how to care for animals and each other.

Waterbug Wonders

Waterbug Wonders
Stream Macroinvertebrate Identifications
Susan Jones

Waterbug Wonders workshops are presented by Susan Jones. Susan is a freshwater ecologist with more than 10 years experience in the field. Waterbug Wonders workshops were developed by Susan two years ago and have been very well received. Waterbug Wonders Workshops are hands-on, fun, interactive and educational workshops for primary school and kindergarten aged children exploring freshwater ecosystems and the aquatic invertebrate life they contain. We bring the creek to the classroom!

The Nature Play Education Award

Sponsor: Nature Play QLD

Narell Neville

Narell Neville
Greystone Farm Nature Play

Narell runs Greystone Farm Nature Play in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Narell is a loving and compassionate carer and educator of children. She meets each individual child where they are at developmentally and supports/encourages them into the next level. Her enriching space is like every child’s paradise. I have seen children transform in her space. Narell provides opportunities for children to take age appropriate risks which results in confident, aware, thriving and happy children. She puts in enormous effort to ensuring that children are challenged with varied learning equipment. Daily farm walks that include flora, fauna in natural settings such as the local creek are one of my son’s favourite experiences at Narell’s space.

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