Outdoor-tober QLD

Outdoor-tober QLD

a month long celebration of activities in the outdoors

We invite EVERYONE in Queensland to get outdoors in October. To help you we have put together a range of activities, events, experiences and opportunities that you can be involved in. Can’t make an event? Participate in something on your own, with friends or family – wherever you are, or whatever you do – Get Outdoors in October, Get Outdoor-tober

Why get outdoors?

  • Lifestyle – Commit to living the Australian lifestyle in the great outdoors.
  • Challenge – Experience challenge and sense of achievement.
  • Detox – Escape the digital clutter of modern life, slow down and unwind.
  • Connect – Share activities and make memories with family and friends.
  • Appreciate – Get back to nature, value our open natural spaces.
  • Live – Pause, breath deep, engage the senses and take time out.
  • Adventure – Seek and explore the unfamiliar.

… more people participating in outdoor recreation more often …

Why October?

The weather is getting warmer (but not too hot).
The kids sporting competitions are coming to a close.
We start the month with a public holiday weekend!
You are ready to really kick start your Spring as the days get longer.

To remind you that the Christmas holidays can also be filled with cheap and accessible things to do like camping, building cubbies, climbing trees, going fishing, wandering bush tracks, riding your bike, swimming in the sea, a lake, dam or creek, making a raft or any number of other things we sometimes forget to do.

Participate in Outdoor-tober QLD

There are lots of goodies for you! Check out our KIDS pages for great activities to get involved in, sign up to Nature PLay QLD; pick up a passport and start collecting your missions!

Stuck for ideas?  Check out Activities for KIDS in the Resources section, go to Nature PLay QLD for more ideas, go to What’s On, our online calendar of events or go online and search out all the things you could do in your local area. There are lots of ways to inspire the family to get outdoors!

Now is the time to get active! Check out What’s On, our online calendar of events, go online and search out all the things you could do in your local area.  Tell your friends – encourage them to join in with you and get active in October

Be a part of something fun! Outdoor-tober is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your customers and attract new involvement in your activities and events. Add an Event to our online What’s On calendar for free!

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