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Acronyms in the Outdoors

Acronym: an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word

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Acronym Translation
AAS Adventure Activity Standards
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
AC Australian Canoeing
ACA Australian Camps Association
ACIA Australian Climbers Instructors Association
ACTOEA ACT Outdoor Education Association
ANZSIC Australia & New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
AQFC Australian Qualifications Framework Council
ARC Active Recreation Centre(s)
ATHRA Australian Trail Horse Riders Association
BCC Brisbane City Council
BWQ Bushwalking Queensland
CSH Community Services and Health
CVA Christian Venues Association
CVI Christian Venues International
DETE Dept of Education, Training and Employment
DSDIP Dept of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
DoC Dept Communities, Child Safety and Disbility Services
DOE Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
DPC Dept of Premier and Cabinet
DTMR Dept of Transport and Main Roads
EQ Education Queensland
FNQ Far North Queensland
FSRSA Skills Alliance ()
GCCC Gold Coast City Council
IAC Industry Advisory Council
IBSA Innovation and Business Skills Australia
ISC Industry Skills Council
JAG Justice & Attorney General
LGA Local Government Authority
LGAQ Local Government Association of Queensland
MBRC Moreton Bay Regional Council
MSQ Maritime Safety Queensland
MTBA Mountain Bike Australia
NCVER National Centre for Vocational Education Research
NGO Non-governmental organisation
NOLRS National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme
NOSS National Outdoor Sector Survey
NPAQ National Parks Association of Queensland
NPQLD Nature Play QLD
NPRSR Dept of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing
NRM Natural Resource Management
NSSC National Skills Standards Council
OCA Outdoor Council of Australia
OEA Outdoor Education Australia
OEAQ Outdoor Educators’ Association of Queensland
OEASA Outdoor Educators’ Association South Australia
ORC Outdoor Recreation Centre (Victoria)
ORIC Outdoor Recreation Industry Council
OV Outdoors Victoria
OWA Outdoors Western Australia
OYPRA The Outdoor Youth Programs Research Alliance
PACI Professional Association of Climbing Instructors
PLAQ Parks and Leisure Australia Queensland
QBWA Queensland Bulk Water Authority
QC Queensland Canoeing
QDF Quality Declaration Framework
QH Queensland Health
QORF Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation Inc
QORF Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation
QPWS Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
QSA Queensland Studies Authority
RecSA Recreation South Australia
RLOSAC Regional Landscape Open Space Advisory Committee
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
RTO Registered Training Organisation
SAQ Skills Alliance Queensland
SCIT Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE
SCORS Standing Committee on Recreation & Sport
SCRC Sunshine Coast Regional Council
SEQ South East Queensland
SRS Sport & Recreation Services
SSA Service Skills Australia
SSQ Skilling Solutions Queensland
TAFE Technical and Further Education
TNIT Tropical North Institute of TAFE
TOETA Tasmanian Outdoor Education Teachers Association
TQ Toursim Queensland
TRAQ Trail Running Association of Queensland
VET Vocational Education and Training
VOEA Victorian Outdoor Education Association
WH&S Workplace Health & Safety



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