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RESPECT Yourself, Others and the Environment

Gap Creek Trails Alliance Code of Conduct for Mountain Biking.

Gap Creek Trails Alliance Code of Conduct for Mountain Biking.

Minimise conflict

  • Be courteous and respect other users in the area. Inform others you are behind them and how many are in your group.
  • Pass safely. Horses and walkers can be startled by the approach of a bicycle.
  • Always give way to horses, walkers, runners and other users of the track.
  • Keep left. Apply the road rules where possible.
  • Slow down approaching blind spots like corners. Other users may be ahead.

Minimise Risk

  • Maintain control of your bicycle. Ride at a safe speed.
  • Ride within your ability and ride according to the track conditions.
  • Look after yourself. Always take a spare tube, bicycle pump and tyre levers.
  • Carry water and food as necessary. Carry a mobile phone and tell someone your intended route.

Minimise Environmental Impact

  • Avoid skidding. Skidding reduces your control and damages the track.
  • Stay on the track. Cutting corners and track widening degrade the bush environment.
  • Avoid riding on wet tracks.
  • Carry your rubbish with you, including punctured tubes
Rules of the Trail (IMBA)

Rules of the Trail (IMBA)

IMBA developed these “Rules of the Trail” to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails. Keep in mind that conventions for yielding and passing may vary in different locations, or with traffic conditions.

Off-road Cycling Code of Conduct (Cycling UK)

Off-road Cycling Code of Conduct (Cycling UK)

With mountain biking now an extremely popular past time for many thousands of cyclists, it’s important for us all to remember and respect all other users of the countryside whilst enjoying our vast network of trails.

Do the Ride Thing (Scotland)

Do the Ride Thing (Scotland)

This guide will bring to life the real situations which we face on the
trails and help you make good decisions when you are out riding.

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