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Queensland Recreational Boating and Fishing Guide

Queensland Recreational Boating and Fishing Guide 2017-18
Provides information covering general rules and requirements for boating and fishing in Queensland.

Single copies of the guide will be available at bait and tackle shops, local Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol and Maritime Safety Queensland offices or can be ordered through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23. A digital copy of the guide will also be available to download from the Fisheries Queensland website

Bulk orders of the guide can be ordered direct from the publisher by calling 07 3891 7793 or online at (postage and handling fees apply).

QLD Fishing App

QLD Fishing
Have instant access to Queensland’s fishing rules anytime and anywhere. The Queensland Recreational Fishing App provides up-to-date information on recreational fishing rules and regulations in Queensland, including size and possession limits, species identification, closed seasons, closed water and stocked impoundment maps, angler diary, and access to tide and weather information.

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Rex Hunt's Fishing TipsFishing Tips Depot

Fishing Tips Depot
The largest collecting offishing tips on the internet. Our goal is to help anglers catch bigger fish, more frequently, by providing the best tips for fishing

Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs AssociationRecreational Fishing (DAF)

Recreational Fishing
Department of Agriculture & Fisheries

Queenslanders are keen anglers. Each year, more than 700,000 fish for recreation, with anglers taking home around 8500 tonnes of fin fish, crabs and prawns. Queensland’s fisheries resources are also important for tourism, attracting anglers from around Australia and the world

Fisheries Queensland on Facebook

Fisheries Queensland on Facebook

Helping to create a diverse economy and protecting Queensland’s fisheries resources.


Fisheries Queensland on YouTube

Fisheries Queensland on YouTube

Fisheries Queensland, part of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, helping to create a diverse economy and protecting Queensland’s fisheries resources.

Maritime Safety Queensland

Maritime Safety Queensland

Maritime Safety Queensland is a branch of the Department of Transport and Main Roads within the Customer Services, Safety and Regulation Division. Our role is to protect Queensland’s waterways and the people who use them—providing safer, cleaner seas.

Maritime Safety Queensland is responsible for:

  • improving maritime safety for shipping and small craft through regulation and education
  • minimising vessel-sourced waste and responding to marine pollution
  • providing essential maritime services such as aids to navigation and vessel traffic services
  • encouraging and supporting innovation in the maritime industry.

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Don’t be a fishing fool – know your rules

Don’t be a fishing fool – know your rules

“If you are planning a fishing trip this holiday season, don’t forget to check the rules before you drop a line in the water. It’s important that everyone is aware of and follows the rules, which ensure sustainable fisheries for future generations of Queensland fishers.

“Everybody, regardless of whether they are experienced or first timers, should familiarise themselves with the relevant rules that apply, including size and possession limits, how to correctly measure fish, fishing gear restrictions and closed seasons.

“There are different rules for fishing in tidal and fresh waters, marine parks and interstate.”

Device to save rock fisher lives

Device to save rock fisher lives

Rock fishers could be the real winners of student’s prized idea of sending a text if they’re swept from rocks.

It is considered one of the most dangerous sports in Australia, and yet more than 1 million people take part in rock fishing every year.

Isaac Heagney, who has a passion for fishing, spent his HSC year developing an invention that could help save the lives of rock fishers who end up in the water.

“Once it’s completely underwater, it sends a message and then the GPS’s coordinates are sent to a nominated phone number,” he said.

Fishers fined $8,000.00

Fishers fined $8,000.00

Exceeding pipi possession limits has seen two recreational fishers fined a total of $8000 in the Noosa Magistrates Court. Fisheries Minister Mark Furner said the two fishers were caught on Teewah Beach with a total of 3591 pipis in June 2017.

“The possession limit for pipis in Queensland is 50 per person so the two fishers had in their possession 3491 more pipis than is legally permissible,” Mr Furner said.

Extra $20M for Fisheries Reforms

Extra $20M for Fisheries Reforms

Fisheries nets an extra $20M for biggest reforms in Queensland history (June 2017)

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