Protections for World Surfing Reserves in Queensland

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Protections for World Surfing Reserves in Queensland

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Posted on 23.11.2020

Queensland is famous as a premier surfing destination, offering outstanding surfing experiences and picturesque settings that attract wave riders from across Australia and the world.

Surfing is a major drawcard for tourism and a focal point for community life across many Queensland coastal locations, and the economic benefits of surfing are being increasingly recognised.

Surfing is also a popular sport that promotes physical and mental health, wellbeing and fitness, and is now recognised at the Summer Olympic Games.

World Surfing Reserves

World Surfing Reserves are globally significant surfing sites, or those with an outstanding series of surf breaks. They have unique environmental characteristics, are rich in surf culture and history, and are highly valued by local communities and those who visit these sites for their beauty and amenity, and sport and recreation purposes.

Of the 11 World Surfing Reserves currently recognised, 2 are in Queensland:

  • the southern beaches of the Gold Coast (approved 2015)
  • the breaks around Noosa Headland. (approved 2017)

The Queensland Government is committed to providing enduring protections for its 2 World Surfing Reserves and for any future World Surfing Reserves that might be declared in the state.

Find out more about the Queensland Government’s initiative to protect our surfing reserves.

Have your say … don’t miss out!

The Queensland Government is working with local residents, businesses and the surfing community to develop options for greater protection of Queensland’s surfing reserves.

You’re invited to provide feedback on the Protections for World Surfing Reserves in Queensland discussion paper.

You can respond by:

Your feedback on how Queensland’s World Surfing Reserves should be protected so they can be enjoyed by current and future generations of Queenslanders and visitors is important.

This survey may take around 15 minutes to complete. Please ensure you only register to complete this survey once.

Consultation closes at 5pm, Monday 30 November 2020.

Queensland Government
Department of Housing and Public Works




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