Play It Safe

Play It Safe

Seqwater Update: Play it safe at lakes during Easter break

Posted on 29.03.2018

Seqwater’s lakes continue to be a popular destination for South East Queenslanders, with thousands expected to enjoy a visit to the region’s lakes and parks over the Easter long weekend.

Seqwater Acting Chief Executive Officer Daniel Spiller said Easter was traditionally one of the biggest camping weekends of the year, with people taking advantage of Seqwater’s lakeside recreation areas.

In anticipation of the large crowds, Mr Spiller said it was important for all members of the public to take care and be considerate of others when visiting these areas.

“Seqwater rangers and compliance officers will work with the Queensland Police Service and Maritime Safety Queensland during the busy Easter break to help manage safety around dams and lakes.

“These patrols are not about stopping people from enjoying themselves, rather making sure that people are acting safely and responsibly.

“Our rangers and the police can’t be everywhere though, so we rely on people to stay vigilant about their own safety and the safety of others.”

To promote the safety message, Seqwater holds an annual Play it safe education campaign, which runs during summer through to Easter.

“It is important to remember that still water can still be dangerous – accidents can happen if we get complacent,” Mr Spiller said.

“Queenslanders grow up learning about safety in the surf and in the pool, but it’s just as important to follow some simple safety rules on still water.”

“I encourage everyone to plan ahead by visiting Seqwater’s website to explore what activities are available at each lake, along with helpful safety hints.”

During the summer, Seqwater’s recreation areas are open from 5.30am to 6.30pm, seven days a week.

Here are some tips for playing it safe at Seqwater sites:

  • Always wear a lifejacket when on the water;
  • Watch your children near the water – remember there are no lifeguards on duty;
  • When swimming, stay within the designated swimming area; and
  • Plan ahead and bring sunscreen and plenty of water.


Animation to help explain why rain can cause lake closures

Have you ever wondered why South East Queensland’s lakes are sometimes temporarily closed to recreation following heavy rainfall?

To help the community understand the reasoning behind these types of closures, we have developed a short animation to explain the impact of high rainfall on our lakes.

The video was created with collaboration with Seqwater’s Recreation and Water Quality teams and looks at how stormwater runoff after heavy rainfall events can result in pathogens such as bacteria and viruses temporarily existing in our waterways.

As the region’s bulk water supplier, Seqwater manages open catchments, allowing millions of visitors each year to enjoy recreational activities on the dams and lakes that supply our drinking water.

The animation is available on Seqwater’s YouTube page under its ‘education’ playlist. Seqwater is in the process of creating more explainer animations to educate the community on different aspects relating to the provision and management of water supply.

Lake Macdonald Park now under Council management

The formal transfer of Lake Macdonald Park and the land that is home to the Noosa Botanic Gardens to Noosa Council is now complete. Noosa Council is now responsible for the management of these sites.

The new arrangement will remove uncertainty and allow both Council and the community to plan for the future of this much-loved facility.

Is your boat wake causing damage?

Our dams and lakes are currently experiencing some erosion which may be a result of wake from boats. This is causing environmental and water quality impacts, as well as damaging the land adjacent to our parks and boat ramps.

Are you aware of the potential impact of your boat wake?

Boat users are reminded to be aware of their wake and wash, and to slow down near banks. Wake striking the banks of our lakes is, in some areas, causing rapid and severe erosion, making these much enjoyed areas literally crumble away.

Under Queensland marine safety legislation, the following ‘distance off’ rules apply to boaties:

A speed limit of 6 knots within 30 metres of:

  • anchored or moored boats
  • people in the water
  • a jetty, wharf, pontoon or boat ramp

For PWCs (jet skis), the 6 knot speed limit applies within 60 metres of the above, and also the boundary of a bathing reserve or shore.

There is also a specific offence under state legislation that can apply in regards to operating a ship at speed at which wash is capable of causing marine incident/damage to shoreline.

So next time you visit a dam or lake, make sure you are aware of your wash, and go slow near banks and shorelines.

Pop a snag on the barbie!

The Lake Maroon Day Use Area is now home to two new barbeques! Next time you are looking for a Sunday adventure, why not visit Lake Maroon for a picnic while you take in the spectacular lake views.

Water supply changes

As a result of operational changes, water suitable for drinking is no longer available at the Atkinson Dam day use area, The Spit at Lake Somerset, and the Borumba Dam day use area and campground.

Seqwater will continue to provide water for non-drinking purposes such as toilet flushing and hand washing. All existing taps and toilet facilities will remain in place, and signs have been erected advising visitors not to drink the water. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own drinking water from home.

Illegal access to be monitored

A recent spate of illegal access on our land has prompted action by our Compliance Team and site rangers.

Frequent incursion sites are being monitored and visitors to our recreation sites are encouraged to do the right thing to avoid a penalty. Our rangers regularly work with the Queensland Police Service and other enforcement agencies to curb illegal access and inappropriate behaviour at our sites, and will continue to patrol recreation and catchment land.

Visitors are reminded that the incorrect use of our facilities, such as horse riding on closed trails, will be monitored.

Neighbours and visitors who notice illegal access or inappropriate behaviour are encouraged to contact Seqwater on 1800 737 928




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