Paddle Australia sets a new course

Paddle Australia sets a new course

Paddle Australia has officially launched its new corporate name and brand.

Posted on 18.06.2018

Paddle Australia, Australia’s National Sporting Organisation responsible for the promotion, support and management of canoeing, kayaking and other paddle sports, has officially launched its new corporate name and brand.

Paddle Australia, formerly Australian Canoeing, is embarking on a new strategic journey. Our re-branding signifies a fresh positioning of the organisation as it continues to manage and develop the sport but also places a greater focus on promoting and encouraging recreational paddling in all its forms.

Paddle Australia will shortly release a strategic vision and plan for paddling in Australia. Over 300,000 active paddlers already enjoy the fitness, health, well-being and other benefits of paddling on our pristine waterways. As demand changes and more people look to spend their recreational time in their own way, more are discovering the positive outcomes that paddling offers. The key role for Paddle Australia is to lead, connect and grow the paddling community into the future.

“The rebranding to Paddle Australia is one very visible step in the exciting new direction our organisation is taking,” explains Paddle Australia President, Andrea McQuitty. “Paddling is a very diverse activity and a unique way to enjoy the natural environment, whether with friends or family, for adventure or exercise, at your own pace or in competition with others.  Our diversity is our strength and the name Paddle Australia reflects the inclusive and diverse nature of our activities.”

“Paddling is deeply ingrained in the Australian lifestyle. Australians have long enjoyed the relaxation and adventure of paddling, exploring the abundance of scenic inland and coastal waters. Australian paddlers have also experienced great success internationally and at the Olympic Games.”

“In 2018 and beyond, paddle sports have enormous potential to become an integral part of the healthy lifestyle of even more Australians of all ages. The Board of Paddle Australia is looking forward to embracing this future in full cooperation with our member state associations, clubs and, increasingly, our commercial partners.”

Pleasingly, the brand change has been embraced by all member state associations of Paddle Australia. Five have changed their own corporate identities (Paddle Western Australia, Paddle NSW, Paddle South Australia, Paddle Victoria and Paddle Tasmania), with Queensland seeking to make changes to their constitution in September this year.

“Paddling is changing and growing, and we must respond. The brand changes we have all made are a first step. Collectively one of our goals is to create an engaged community that reflects a positive, shared culture and values, causing everyone to want to be “a part of paddling” in Australia,” says Paddle Australia CEO, Phil Jones.

“We are now going through a very busy time at Paddle Australia planning some exciting changes to the services that we and our state associations offer. It will take a significant effort from all of us, particularly our state associations and clubs, working together to make the changes needed to maximise the potential of paddling in Australia,” Jones added about the journey ahead.

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