National Trust Q10 Challenge

National Trust Q10 Challenge

2 world class adventurers attempt to hike, run and kayak all 10 QLD Great Walks in just 10 days!

Posted on 18.07.2019

The National Trust of Australia (Queensland) (NTAQ) is Queensland’s leading membership based charity protecting, conserving and celebrating Queensland’s Environmental, Built and Cultural Heritage. NTAQ own and operate some of Queensland’s most iconic heritage tourism attractions including world famous Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast, and the James Cook Museum, Cooktown, Far North Queensland.

The inaugural NT Q10 Challenge July 18th to July 30th 2019 will be a promotional expedition when these 2 world class adventurers attempt to hike, run and kayak all 10 Great Walks in just 10 days!

As far as we know, no one has ever completed these walks consecutively in such a short time.

With the benefit of the promotional films of each track and training notes the NT Q10 Great Walk Challenge will be opened up to the general public from 2020, as a shore based experience from Currumbin to Cooktown facilitated by NTAQ for travellers and adventure seekers to venture ‘off the beaten track’ on the 10 Great Walks of Queensland, across varying terrain and distances, carefully chosen in partnership with Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

From 2020 to 2030, NTAQ hopes to organise the NT Q10 annually to help raise funds from NTAQ members participating to fund conservation and empower Indigenous opportunity in the regions the tracks pass through. The intention is any funding will deliver the legacy of ‘Modern Acts of Reconciliation’ inspired by the anniversary of 250 years since Cook explored the east coast of Australia.

The Journey

  • Confirmed Great Walks – National Trust Q10 July 2019
  • 18 July – Gold Coast – The Hinterland Track from Binna Burra Settlement Camp
  • 19 July – Sunshine Coast
  • 20 July – Fraser Island
  • 21 July – Carnarvon Gorge GW
  • 22 July – Mackay Highlands GW
  • 23 July – Whitsunday GW
  • 24 July – Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail (kayak)
  • 25 July – Thorsborne Trail
  • 26 July – Goldfield Trail
  • 27 July – Gamaay Dreaming Track, Cooktown


Click below to follow the Journey – use password to login

The Team

Luke Edwards
A business development manager for NTAQ who introduced the concept of a 10 day Queensland based challenge to NTAQ…. an experienced trail runner, mountain biker licensed skydiver, world record holder, husband, father. His day job includes managing National Trust Wolston Farmhouse and raising the profile of the National Trust in the Greater Brisbane area. Luke will be the best contact for future corporate partnerships with NTAQ inspired by NT Q10 Challenges.

Lisa Marshall
An entrepreneur and mum of two, Lisa Marshall has built successful businesses in the outdoor Fitness and Events Industry since 2006 and fulfils her passion for getting people back into nature and fit for adventure. She passionately encourages everyone she meets to put their health first in their day-to-day juggle of work and home life. Lisa’s passion and purpose in life are to get people out hiking and share the magic of being active outdoors.








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