The Blue Card System

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Upcoming changes to the Blue Card system

Following a recent review of the Blue Card System several changes are being put in place.

Key changes

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Please note:
These changes have not started yet.
People who have paid blue card applications in progress when the ‘No Card, No Start’ policy starts will be able to continue working while their applications are assessed.

About the Blue Card system

The Blue Card system:

  • is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people in Queensland
  • aims to minimise the risks of harm to children and young people by contributing to the creation of safe and supportive environments, and
  • is founded on the principle that all children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm.

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Have a look at the range of resources available for child and youth risk management strategy. All resources can be found on the Resources page of the Blue Card Services website.

There is an online suite of online videos (YouTube), including resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to assist completing the blue card application process.

Child and youth risk management strategies and resources

Organisations and people who run businesses regulated by the blue card system must have a child and youth risk management strategy. This strategy needs to address the following 8 mandatory requirements and will help to create a safe and supportive environment for children.

  1. Statement of commitment
  2. Code of conduct
  3. Policies for recruiting, selecting, training and managing employees and volunteers
  4. Procedures for handling disclosures and suspicions of harm
  5. Plan for managing breaches of your strategy
  6. Policies and procedures for compliance with the blue card system
  7. Risk management plan for high-risk activities and special events
  8. Communication and support

For further information,  please call Blue Card Services on 1800 113 611 or 07 3211 6999 or visit the website at


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