First Aid Training Providers

First Aid Training Providers

The following companies provide first aid training to the outdoor sector.

Please contact them directly for information on course schedules, unit standards and prices.


Survive First Aid specialises in Emergency Response and First Aid Training Solutions throughout Australia

The Wilderness First Response training course has been developed to meet the requirements for Emergency Response in a Remote or Wilderness Setting.


allaid supplies

allaid supplies


(in association with Equipped Outdoors)

All Aid First Aid is a contemporary and dynamic first aid training company renowned for highly practical and realistic training programs – All Aid First Aid provides tailored training to a range of clients including the Australian Army and Navy, power stations, adventure companies, corporations and schools. Please click here to be directed to the All Aid First Aid website.

Equipped Outdoors is a specialised, direct to industry supplier of outdoor and roping equipment. Equipped is a supplier to organisations such as Emergency Services, NSW Dept. Sport & Recreation and Outward Bound Australia and offers great service backed by experienced outdoor professionals and over 10 years in business. Please click here to be directed to the Equipped website.

Disclaimer: Please note that while QORF is able to list the these organisations, we will not accept any responsibility for any accidents or injury caused as a result of using their services.

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