One important part of QORF’s function is to develop submissions to government on issues of significance to the outdoor sector.

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper

QORF submission on the Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper

QORF supports the Vision set out in the Directions Paper:

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland is conserved as a special place of natural value where the community and visitors are immersed in discovery, learning, and active and healthy enjoyment of nature and its conservation.

Queensland Climate Change Adaptation

Queensland Climate Change Adaptation

QORF submission on the Queensland Climate Change Adaptation -Directions Statement.

“It is submitted that planning for recreation areas should be incorporated into non-urban settings, to avoid the situation of people being surrounded by inaccessible greenspace.”

Recreational access to SunWater land on the Atherton Tableland

Recreational access to SunWater land on the Atherton Tableland 

… we suggest that the vision set out in the Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021 of “more cycling, more often, on safe, direct and connected routes” remains relevant. The suggested change to allow recreational usage of the SunWater access tracks on the Atherton Tablelands would show that cycling (and other recreation activity) is indeed “supported by all levels of government and the community”…

SEQ Regional Plan

Review of the SEQ Regional Plan

It is submitted that the South East Queensland Plan should recognise that nature­-based activities create advocates for nature to be preserved and sustained.

Recreation creates connections between humans and places, playing an important role in creating a sense of value for our natural areas within the community.

QORF supports the inclusion of both the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan 2009-2031 and the South East Queensland Ecosystem Services Framework within the South East Queensland Regional Plan. To encourage community well-being, environmental protection, connection to cultural heritage and economic values, outdoor recreation needs to be on the
must-have list, rather than on the nice-to-have list within the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

Piped Road Improvements

Piped Road Improvements


QORF partnered with SEQ Catchments and Sunfish Queensland to develop a robust and consultative plan for improvements to the Piped Road area along the Brisbane River.

Underpinning the Foundations of the Four Pillars

Executive Summary

In response to the discussion paper Queensland State Land – Strengthening Our Economic Future outlining proposed reforms to tenure administration of State land, QORF (the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation) commissioned this position paper on behalf of its members, who utilise the publicly accessible ‘open space’ and road network of Queensland. Members are concerned about the loss of both existing and future opportunities for this economically and socially important sector.

QORF is concerned that the proposed reforms place the very roots of future recreational and tourism enterprise at risk. This submission proposes instead some simple measures that would underpin those foundations.

Outdoor recreation is a genuine, though diffuse, economic industry, a vital source of tourism and an important lifestyle activity. It is valuable in economic, social and environmental terms and its benefits ripple widely, such as reducing public expenditure on health.

A wide ‘community of interest’ must be considered in making decisions about the future use of State roads, reserves and leases as these usually have regional and statewide, not just local, significance. Outdoor recreation along with all other sectors should be consulted transparently, not only when specific parcels are determined but throughout the process of drafting the new legislation.

Download the QORF Submission – Underpinning the Pillars

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