One of our most important functions is to develop submissions to government on issues of significance to the outdoor sector.

Submission regarding Responsible Outdoor Activities

QORF Submission regarding Responsible Outdoor Activities

QORF supports the restrictions on public gatherings in this time to reduce the spread of the SARS Cov 2 virus. However, QORF is extremely concerned that during the current COVID-19 health emergency, opportunities for people to go outdoors may be removed and outdoor locations will be closed to the public.

Now more than ever, Queenslanders need outdoor activities and outdoor spaces for their physical and mental health and wellbeing. As the population is coming to terms with extreme uncertainty and anxiety the focus on mental health is paramount. Multiple research studies show that being in the outdoors is beneficial to people.

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Submission in response to Draft North Queensland Regional Plan

Submission in response to Draft North Queensland Regional Plan

We note that the vision stated in the North Queensland Regional Plan is that “North Queensland thrives as diverse, liveable and innovative tropical region, set around the emerging capital of northern Australia.”

QORF supports the four regional goals set out in the draft North Queensland Regional Plan:

  • A leading economy in regional Australia
  • A rich and healthy natural environment
  • Liveable, sustainable and resilient communities that promote tropical living at its best
  • A connected and efficient North Queensland

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The Victoria Park Vision: Brisbane’s biggest park in 50 years

QORF Submission to the The Victoria Park Vision

Brisbane’s biggest park in 50 years

QORF believes that the decision to turn Victoria Park into a world-class parkland is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the connection between Brisbane people and their sub-tropical environment.

Given the area available, the widest possible range of outdoor activities should be incorporated into the design of the parklands, from nature play spaces and outdoor classrooms, through to event spaces and connected pathway systems. The park could be promoted as a health-giving hub for all visitors through the provision of nature play, discovery and adventure, walking and nature rich experiences, fitness and challenge opportunities, places for improving mental and physical health, wellbeing tourism and maybe even growing healthy food. It is essential that Victoria Park be designed to be accessible and inclusive of the needs of all people.

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Queensland Health and Wellbeing Bill 2019, Public Hearing

On Monday 1 April, Dom Courtney represented the outdoor sector at the Queensland parliamentary committee public hearing regarding the Health and Wellbeing Bill 2019. He spoke to the committee to emphasise that physical activities, including outdoor activities and the outdoor industry, needs to be part of the solutions for health and wellbeing of Queenslanders.

See what he had to say in this excerpt from the hearing on Parliament TV  (2:16:30 through to 2:48:23)


Queensland Health and Wellbeing Bill 2019

QORF Submission to the Queensland Health and Wellbeing Bill 2019

QORF welcomes the introduction of the Health and Wellbeing Queensland Bill 2019
including the establishment a health promotion agency, to be known as Health and
Wellbeing Queensland (HWQ), as a statutory body contributing to the objectives of the Bill. HWQ has the potential to play a key role in the health and wellbeing of all
Queens landers.

Outdoor recreation opportunities and locations provide Queenslanders with positive
quality of life choices, experiences and social connections. Outdoor recreation spaces and. activities connect people to place, self and others and enable communities to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

As part of our Nature Play Queensland project, QORF has developed a series of evidence­based position statements entitled “Nature Play is Everybody’s Business‘. The position statements set out the linkages between children and health, infrastructure, education, environment and community.

The Nature Play Health Position Statement states that we believe a healthy world comes from a complete and balanced childhood incorporating outdoor free play. Similarly, a healthy Queensland comes from a balanced life incorporating outdoor activities. It calls for an alignment between nature play and health to strengthen children’s health and the health of their families, neighbourhoods and communities.

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Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029

QORF Submission to the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029

QORF is pleased to have been able to publicise the opportunities for people across the outdoor sector to contribute to the community consultation process involved in the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029. We trust that many interested Queenslanders will have completed surveys and made submissions to this process to ensure that their voices are heard.

We note that “the Queensland Government is investing $2.5 million over the next 3 years to deliver a range of initiatives and actions identified as part of the Queensland Walking Strategy to improve the environment we walk in and the facilities we walk on”.

In recent months, QORF has been strongly involved in the development of another Queensland Government strategy, the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019–2029, which we understand is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2019. It is important that the Queensland Walking Strategy and the Queensland Sport and Recreation Strategy are in step with one another (pun intended). The Sport and Recreation Strategy will assist to shape the physical activity of all Queenslanders, while the Walking Strategy will deal with the physical activity that is undertaken most commonly by Queenslanders.

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Sport & Active Recreation Strategy 2019 -2021

QORF Submission to the Sport & Active Recreation Strategy 2019 -2021

Sport and active recreation provide opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork, effort and integrity in a fun and rewarding environment. The Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019–2029 will set out a plan for future development to ensure all Queenslanders have the best access possible to active recreation opportunities.

The Queensland Government needs our help – our feedback – so they can invest wisely to get people physically active, now and for the future.

To better inform our submission on the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019–2029, QORF put out a simple 3 Question Survey to gather your your thoughts and ideas – the 3 key questions the Strategy is addressing and your answers have helped us craft our own submission to the Strategy.

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Outdoor Recreation Training Package Product Development - Draft 1

Outdoor Recreation Training Package Product Development – Draft 1

17 september, 2018

QORF is recognised as the peak body representing the interests of the outdoor recreation sector in Queensland, which incorporates nature-based recreation, outdoor education activities, adventure therapy, and adventure racing.

QORF (Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation Incorporated) is a member­based, not-for-profit association charged with representing a coalition of outdoor recreation groups to advocate on behalf of the outdoor community.

QORF would like to take this opportunity to thank Skills IQ for the comprehensive consultation process that has been carried out in relation to this review. QORF is pleased to have been able to publicise the opportunities for people across the outdoor sector to contribute to the community consultation process.

We also had representatives from Skills IQ speak at the Outdoors Queensland Symposium in Brisbane and Cairns on 12th and 14th September respectively. With Queensland Fitness Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance and Skills IQ, QORF co­hosted a consultation forum in Brisbane on 13th September 2018. We note that a range of comments have been provided by many people through the web-portal on specific proposals in the draft Outdoor Recreation Training Package and during the consultation forums.

QORF appreciates the diversity of opinions, and encourages Skills IQ to consider those opinions in the context in which they have been provided. QORF appreciates the efforts that have been made by Skills IQ to deal with concerns that have been communicated regarding the current outdoor recreation units, including job role alignment, disparity in quality/competence of graduates, duplication of content across units, and the time since the previous review.

While there may be concerns regarding changes to the existing system, QORF believes that if some tweaks are made based on the consultation feedback and with a thorough implementation process, the new training package will better serve the outdoor industry in Queensland and across Australia.

QORF looks forward to further involvement in this project. QORF would be pleased to further publicise Draft 2 of the Outdoor Recreation Training Package when that is ready for public consultation.

Domestic Commercial Vessel Levy Consultation

Domestic Commercial Vessel Levy Consultation

April 26, 2018

QORF submitted input on AMSA’s Consultation on exposure draft of Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) Levy legislative instruments, which includes new levies for unpowered class 4 hire-and-drive vessels (such as kayaks, canoes, dragon boats and small sailing vessels)

From the submission:

“QORF strongly objects to the proposed inclusion of unpowered class 4 hire-and-drive vessels in the levy scheme. QORF understands the need for government agencies to engage in cost recovery, however we question what evidence is available showing that business operators using these specific types of vessels are causing AMSA to incur costs.

We believe that including these craft in the levy scheme will have the effect of driving businesses away from the use of kayaks, canoes, dragon boats and small sailing vessels. This decision will cause some businesses to cease operations”

2017 Queensland State Election

Outdoor Recreation Policy for the Next State Government Election

With an election looming and knowing the need for an outdoor recreation policy to ensure a healthy future for our sector, QORF has prepared an outdoor recreation policy statement, which we have sent to the political parties* seeking their support and commitment.

The key message of the statement can be summed up:

  • Outdoor activities deliver significant economic benefits to Queensland: thousands of Queenslanders are directly and indirectly employed due to our State’s great outdoors.

The 3 key calls to action are:

  • Statewide Outdoor Recreation Framework
    • QORF calls for commitments to revive the Statewide Outdoor Recreation Framework
  • Recreational trail development and promotion
    • QORF calls for the development and promotion of significant recreational trails
  • Research
    • QORF calls for commitments to research the wide-ranging benefits of outdoor activities

*Copies have been sent to the ALP, LNP, Greens, KAP and One Nation


QORF recognises that being outdoors is good for people. The outdoors is great for well-being and can speed up healing. Nature can calm us down and increase creativity and productivity. Outdoor experiences connect people to their true selves, to others and to the natural environment.

QORF Strategic Plan: 2017-2019

South East Queensland Plan

South East Queensland Plan

QORF’s submission on the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan
March 2, 2017

It is submitted that the South East Queensland Plan should recognise that nature­based activities create advocates for nature to be preserved and sustained.  Outdoor recreation creates connections between humans and places, playing an important role in creating a sense of value for our natural areas within the community.

Queensland Protected Area Strategy

Queensland Protected Area Strategy

QORF’s submission on the draft Queensland Protected Area Strategy.
February 24, 2017

While QORF supports the development of a Protected Area Strategy, we have significant concerns about the content of the draft, as provided. QORF’s concerns are identified in the attached submission on the draft Protected Area Strategy, which has been prepared by Geoff Edwards, Policy Locums, on behalf of QORF. 

Towards an All Abilities Queensland

Towards an All Abilities Queensland 

QORF submission on the Towards an all Abilities Queensland consultation paper
20 February 2017

QORF supports the proposed vision set out in the TaaaQ consultation paper:
Queenslanders of all abilities can live the life they choose.

Event Traffic Marshal Consultation

Event Traffic Marshal Consultation

QORF survey response for the Event Traffic Marshal consultation
21 February 2017

QORF agrees with the overall direction of ‘supporting and empowering communities to hold events,
while ensuring road safety is maintained’

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper

QORF submission on the Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Draft Directions Paper
13 February, 2017

QORF supports the Vision set out in the Directions Paper:

Daisy Hill Koala Bushland is conserved as a special place of natural value where the community and visitors are immersed in discovery, learning, and active and healthy enjoyment of nature and its conservation.

Queensland Climate Change Adaptation

Queensland Climate Change Adaptation

QORF submission on the Queensland Climate Change Adaptation -Directions Statement.

“It is submitted that planning for recreation areas should be incorporated into non-urban settings, to avoid the situation of people being surrounded by inaccessible greenspace.”

Recreational access to SunWater land on the Atherton Tableland

Recreational access to SunWater land on the Atherton Tableland 

… we suggest that the vision set out in the Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021 of “more cycling, more often, on safe, direct and connected routes” remains relevant. The suggested change to allow recreational usage of the SunWater access tracks on the Atherton Tablelands would show that cycling (and other recreation activity) is indeed “supported by all levels of government and the community”…

SEQ Regional Plan

Review of the SEQ Regional Plan

It is submitted that the South East Queensland Plan should recognise that nature­-based activities create advocates for nature to be preserved and sustained.

Recreation creates connections between humans and places, playing an important role in creating a sense of value for our natural areas within the community.

QORF supports the inclusion of both the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan 2009-2031 and the South East Queensland Ecosystem Services Framework within the South East Queensland Regional Plan. To encourage community well-being, environmental protection, connection to cultural heritage and economic values, outdoor recreation needs to be on the
must-have list, rather than on the nice-to-have list within the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

Piped Road Improvements

Piped Road Improvements


QORF partnered with SEQ Catchments and Sunfish Queensland to develop a robust and consultative plan for improvements to the Piped Road area along the Brisbane River.

Underpinning the Foundations of the Four Pillars

Executive Summary

In response to the discussion paper Queensland State Land – Strengthening Our Economic Future outlining proposed reforms to tenure administration of State land, QORF (the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation) commissioned this position paper on behalf of its members, who utilise the publicly accessible ‘open space’ and road network of Queensland. Members are concerned about the loss of both existing and future opportunities for this economically and socially important sector.

QORF is concerned that the proposed reforms place the very roots of future recreational and tourism enterprise at risk. This submission proposes instead some simple measures that would underpin those foundations.

Outdoor recreation is a genuine, though diffuse, economic industry, a vital source of tourism and an important lifestyle activity. It is valuable in economic, social and environmental terms and its benefits ripple widely, such as reducing public expenditure on health.

A wide ‘community of interest’ must be considered in making decisions about the future use of State roads, reserves and leases as these usually have regional and statewide, not just local, significance. Outdoor recreation along with all other sectors should be consulted transparently, not only when specific parcels are determined but throughout the process of drafting the new legislation.

Download the QORF Submission – Underpinning the Pillars

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