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Research into the positive effects of outdoor recreation and the ongoing benefits to society, individuals and the environment

Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors

Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors

Infographic showing the facts and figures on why you should spend more time outdoors.

Is there such a thing as sustainable physical activity?

There is a global need to diminish climate gas emissions, and a simultaneous call for enhanced levels of physical activity. Increased physical activity entails reduced risk for overweight and chronic diseases, as well as a potential to reduce transport’s major contribution to global CO2 emissions. However, increased physical activity level also implies increased energy expenditure.

Therefore, we aim to introduce the concept of sustainable physical activity, and to suggest certain physical activity habits due to their potentially sustainable properties. Worldwide, a third of adults and four fifths of adolescents ought to be more physically active in order to comply with current physical activity recommendations.

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports

Outdoor Adventure Activity Benefits

A summary of the findings from the Australian Outdoor Adventure Activity Benefits Catalogue 2008

There are identified benefits from participating in outdoor and adventure based activities that highlight the valuable contribution these activities make to personal health and wellbeing

Measuring the Contribution of the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Sector

Measuring the Contribution of the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Sector
An investigation into the contribution of the Outdoor Recreation sector to the Queensland economy.

(Synergies was engaged by QORF to investigate the contribution of the Outdoor Recreation sector to the Queensland economy)

Reconomics - the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation


In the UK, the Sport and Recreation Alliance has commissioned the Reconomics report, brining together all the existing information, research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation.  It provides a compelling case to politicians of the true value of outdoor recreation.

Big Ideas for the Outdoors

Big Ideas for the Outdoors

Context, Priorities & Needs for the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Sector

Queenslanders increasingly love outdoor recreation. Research has shown that individual, non-organised physical activity is on the rise (Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport, 2010); and that the majority of that activity is taking place on our parks, beaches and walking tracks (ABS, 2010).

With busy lifestyles and time constrained opportunities, people are finding it easier to fit physical activity into the nooks and crevasses of their day, taking the chance to engage in unscheduled and flexible activity that can be done with little preparation, rather than be tied to the commitment of more organised activities (Australian Government, 2013). In addition there is a growing preference for ‘adventure, lifestyle, extreme and alternative’ activities such as rockclimbing, kite surfing, surfing and mountain biking. These activities are becoming more mainstream (Wheaton, 2010) and more people are opting for adventure based and eco-tourism experiences in their holiday options (Tourism Research Australia, 2011) …

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