Member Surveys

Member Surveys

We are creating a series of simple surveys in order to ensure we do the best job possible in representing the interests of our Green Circle Members and understand what will attract new members to join QORF.

These surveys will collate some of the essential details about our members, and helps us understand the issues they face, what we can do to help and what they need us to do, to be and to provide.


In order for us to best represent our members and the outdoor sector in general, and to add weight to our position when we advocate on your behalf, we ran a survey in 2016 to understand how many people we connect with through our Green Circle Members, and how many people we represent in the outdoor community across Queensland.

Social Media

We recently reviewed all our Green Circle Members to find out how many were on social media, which social media platforms they were using and how many people were connected to the outdoors through the platforms in use. While the favourite platform, not surprisingly, was Facebook at 68.82% of members with their own page, the numbers were quite sensational!

Outdoor Sector Survey

In early 2016, we undertook a survey of our members, to improve our understanding and to assist us to perform as the peak body for outdoor recreation in Queensland. One clear message from the survey was:

The greatest opportunity is to position outdoor recreation as a way of life for all Queenslanders – taking advantage of our weather, spaces, venues and corridors.

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QORF welcomes applications for new Community and Green Circle Members from organisations and individuals involved in the outdoors

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