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Journal of Outdoor & Environmental Education

Journal of Outdoor & Environmental Education

The Journal of Outdoor & Environmental Education (JOEE) is a refereed journal devoted to the scholarly examination of issues in the field of outdoor and environmental education.

The journal is relevant to teachers, practitioners and researchers, both in Australia and overseas. The JOEE is generally published twice a year (March/April and September/October) and sent to members of organisations affiliated with the Outdoor Council of Australia, and institutional & individual subscribers.

The Aims of the JOEE

The JOEE exists to positively influence the development of outdoor and environmental education practice and theory.

The uniqueness of the JOEE is its ability to meet the needs of a wide cross section of readers, whether they be classroom teachers, academics, or practitioners in the field. The JOEE attempts to provide clear links between theory, research, and practice.

Therefore, the AJOE aims to:

  • enhance understanding of outdoor and environmental education issues;
  • provide balanced and in‑depth investigation of outdoor and environmental
    education practices and theories;
  • examine and present research which influences the practices of teachers and practitioners, as well as researchers;
  • provide a forum in which outdoor and environmental education professionals
    from all settings can exchange and discuss ideas relevant to their
  • keep readers abreast of current outdoor and environmental education research.




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