Trail Bike Riding

Trail Bike Riding

Recreational Trail Bike Riding

Trail bike riding is a legitimate outdoor recreation activity with increasing demand.

Recreational trail bike usage, particularly in bushland areas near private residences, presents a range of interrelated problems for participants, adjoining landholders, Local Governments and State Government agencies in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia.

Trail Bike Riding in Queensland

Ride smart, ride safe and ride in the right place.

It’s pretty hard to find places to ride that are close to home, fun and legal. But that doesn’t mean it’s ok to ride on land where you’re not supposed to! When people ride in places where they shouldn’t they could be damaging the land, polluting the waterways, annoying the people who live close by and even breaking the law. If everyone rides in the right place, we can reduce trail bike related fatalities and injuries as well as the damage done to both the bush and the reputation of trail bike riders.

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Trail Dirt Bike Riding

While trail bikes can be a great leisure activity, there are strict rules about where they can be ridden. With its growing popularity and the available land reducing due to urban growth, trail bikes are beginning to cause nuisance and environmental damage.

Where to ride and where not to ride from Moreton Bay Regional Council

Download the Where to RIde – Greater Brisbane Area brochure

Motorcycling Queensland

Motorcycling Queensland (MQ) – the state controlling body for the sport of motorcycling in Queensland, which can be broken up into the following racing disciplines: Motocross (including Stadium, Freestyle and Supercross), Dirt Track, Enduro, Road Racing, Moto-Trials, SuperMoto and Speedway.

Motorcycling Queensland runs the Queensland Moto Park at Wyaralong

Dual Sport Motor Cycle Riders Association

Dual Sport Motor Cycle Riders Association (DSMRA) – The DSMRA was formed in 1995 as a direct consequence of the current trend of land closures throughout Australia.

The main thrust determined at the inception of the association was to provide the framework for off road riders to become a cohesive body and to fight the current trend of closures by demonstrating the positive aspects of off road motorcycle riding, and the fact that we can co-exist with the environment.

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QORF welcomes applications for new Community and Green Circle Members from organisations and individuals involved in the outdoors

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