Inside the Outhaus

Inside the Outhaus

Nature-based learning portal

Inside the Outhaus provides a portal to connect the nature-based learning (outdoor and experiential education) sector of Australia – grassroots community platform for connection, learning, sharing of resources and support of mental health.

Our Goals:

  1. Connect the outdoor and experiential education community through shared learning horizontally (all sectors) and vertically (all levels)
  2. Provide a platform for outdoor people to share their thoughts and resources on the outdoor education practice and delivery
  3. Create a positive online environment for supporting community and mental health amongst outdoor and experiential education professionals

Want to be a part of the Outhaus?

  • Contact us at and request to be added to the Sharepoint site where you will have access to: innovative ideas, recent information, and updated industry guidelines.
  • Join us at our weekly webinar series were we share ideas and discuss current issues and concerns in the outdoor and experiential education sector and beyond. Click here to JOIN. Password: 334553




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We welcome applications for new Community and Green Circle Members from organisations and individuals involved in the outdoors

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