Preparing a Presentation

Preparing a Presentation

In writing a speech, you have only two objectives …

  1. Making a good impression and,
  2. Leaving your audience with two or three takeaways.

The rest is just entertainment.

Remember: your presentation is NOT what you put on screen – it is what you say and how you say it!

How can you ensure you make these crucial objectives?


What is the reason for the presentation?
What is the intended outcome?
Who is the audience?
What style are you going to use?
Write the words!

  • What is the opening statement?
  • What are the key messages – no more than 3!
  • How will you close?

Practice out loud!

  • Pace!
  • Timing!
  • Projection!

Consider visual support material:

  • Do you need PowerPoint slides, handouts, props?
    • Note: the slides are support material – they are NOT the presentation

Create your visual support material!

  • Consider:
    • If using slides, who will change them?
    • If someone else manages the slides you are free to ‘present’
    • Handouts?

Practice again

  • Out loud – to an audience
  • With visuals, if being used.
  • Do NOT look at your slides – do not turn your back on your audience!
  • Do NOT read your slides – it makes you look unprepared!

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