Youth Participation in Outdoor Recreation

Barriers and Activators

Investigating how to increase participation in outdoor recreation by young people

In 2019, QORF, the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation, with the assistance of the University of Queensland, undertook a study into the participation, activators and barriers of young people’s engagement in outdoor activity in Queensland.

The key purpose was to investigate how participation in outdoor recreation by young people could be increased.

739 Queenslanders aged 13 to 29 statewide participated in this survey.

This report is a summary of the recommendations from the original survey outcome report document by University of Queensland, with some key supporting quotes as written in the online survey by the respondents.

Barriers and Activators

Summary of Recommendations
Dec 2019

Richard J Buning, Shane Pegg, and Oliver Oren.
The University of Queensland Business School


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Buning, R.J, Pegg, S. & Oren, O. (Dec 2019). Youth Outdoor Recreation in Queensland: Barriers and Activators. The University of Queensland Business School. Queensland, Australia.

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