Generation COVID

Generation COVID

Young Australians hard hit - throwing their plans and dreams into chaos.

Posted on 07.07.2020

Young Australians are struggling in record numbers to cope with the anxiety of watching their world turned upside down.

Experts compare the disruption and stress of the coronavirus pandemic to living through a war, or the Great Depression, but this is a crisis on a scale most of their parents, and even their grandparents, never had to face.

It has hit young people the hardest because it comes at such a critical moment; a time when they’re laying the foundations and making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

Forget Gen Z, they may forever be known as Generation COVID.

As the pandemic began unfolding, the ABC launched this project, asking young people from around Australia to share their innermost thoughts, fears — and hopes.

Among their fears and anxieties, there are signs that resilience is building in the young people who shared their stories with the ABC.

Every one of them expressed hope that the world will be better place on the other side of the crisis.

“I really hope that it makes us as a society way more compassionate”

“I think, coming out of this, I would just love to see more support being offered to people outside our immediate networks… and just for kindness to be the motivating force in all that we do.”

Sarah Curnow and Ben Knight
ABC News





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