Engagement ring found using metal detector

Engagement ring found using metal detector

Lost in the surf at Cairns beach - found in the dead of night

Posted on 17.11.2020

An engagement ring lost in the surf at a Cairns beach has been returned to its owner thanks to two men with metal detectors who spent hours searching in the water in the dead of night.

“I waved my hand and I saw it fly off my finger into the air,” she said.

“I did make a futile attempt to grab it.”

Ms Kennedy and her friend tried to find the ring, but they were at the back of the net at high tide and neither could reach the bottom.

“It was a realisation very quickly there was absolutely nothing I could do,” she said.

“I did have an absolute moment of panic. I eventually went ashore in tears.

Social media to the rescue

One of Ms Kennedy’s friends had seen someone on social media who regularly went metal detecting at a nearby beach.

“We thought why don’t we just type into Facebook ‘detecting group’ and we found the Cairns Detecting Group — that’s literally what they’re called,” she said.

Ms Kennedy put up a post explaining what had happened and had responses from group members within half an hour.

Clynton Bowen and another man offered to come to the beach at low tide that night.

“They both assured me it was worth a go,” Ms Kennedy said.


Key points:

  • Kimberley Kennedy’s gold and diamond ring flew off her finger in the surf on Saturday
  • She reached out to a local metal detecting group on Facebook and received offers for help within minutes
  • Two men searched in the water late at night at low tide and found the ring at 2am

“I just couldn’t believe perfect strangers were so willing to just come out and help me, I was astounded.”

ABC Far North 

For more info go to Metal Detecting & Fossicking.





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