Endangered Night Parrot

Painting by William T. Cooper

Endangered Night Parrot

Habitat of endangered night parrot placed under exclusion zone by Queensland Government

Posted on 06.06.2016

A rare Queensland parrot once thought extinct will be protected under new laws with an exclusion zone to keep bird watchers and poachers away.

The night parrot was considered extinct for more than 75 years but in 2013 it was rediscovered at a site that was kept secret, known as Pullen Pullen nature reserve in central western Queensland.

However, the State Government is concerned the location of the reserve has been compromised.

By enforcing an exclusion zone, heavy penalties can be served on anyone encroaching into the nature reserve without authorisation.

The area will be monitored by the same technology used to police poaching in Africa.

Researcher Steve Murphy said he and his partner Rachel Barr recently captured a chance encounter with a night parrot on camera and the rare bird’s response might offer some insight into why it has become endangered.

“Remarkably it just froze, absolutely froze and allowed us to get within a metre or two of it,” Dr Murphy said.

“If it’s faced with a threat it’s likely it just freezes and hopes that it’s not detected.”

He said they also found a night parrot nesting site.

“It was a really special moment because what it really told us was these birds are out there doing their bit to pull themselves back from the brink of extinction.”

Rare Video Footage of chance encounter with endangered Night Parrot


Kathy McLeish
ABC News




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