Dinner parties go digital!

Dinner parties go digital!

During coronavirus outbreak: 'We lock in every Saturday night'

Posted on 26.03.2020

Just like with an ordinary dinner party, it takes a bit of organisation to pull off a group hang online via video chat, but the rewards are worth the effort.

I’ve been using technology to organise virtual drinks with friends for a few years now. But what started as an idea to drink with interstate mates is now becoming the norm for social interaction.

My friends and I have loved our virtual catch-ups as a way to check in with one another. There’s always an “Oh wow, I needed that” text message afterwards from someone in the group. When you’re together but separated, it facilitates honest conversations. There’s a different energy than you’d have talking on the phone one-on-one.

How else would I have learned that one of my friends used to spy on her classmates as a pre-schooler? How else would my friends know about my dislike for wearing pants at home (like Donald Duck), if I had not got up off the couch to pour more gin and accidentally flashed everyone?

In these times of isolation, whether it is self-imposed quarantine or for other reasons, we need to try to stay as connected as possible. It takes a little bit of planning, but bringing a group dynamic back to your socialising is something that can provide a bit of levity and joy when the days stuck indoors stretch on longer than normal. All you need is a computer or phone, an internet connection and a comfy place to sit.

Through a bit of trial and error, here’s what I’ve learned about hosting a virtual dinner party.

Step 1: organise your guest list …
Step 2: familiarise yourself with the platform …
Step 3: food and beverages …
Step 4: have fun …
Step 5: plan the next event …

A shared connection that gets everyone linked again and thinking of happier times should provide you with a bit of needed respite from the constant barrage of stress in uncertain times. Try not to feel guilty for having a couple of hours to laugh and forget the world for a moment – it will still be there when you hit the end-call button or turn off the laptop.


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