Cooloola Great Walk

Cooloola Great Walk

Community Engagement

Posted on 20.08.2019

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Queensland Ecotourism Trails are ecologically sustainable opportunities that aim to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to Traditional Owners, regional communities and to Queensland.

The Cooloola Great Walk is an existing 102-kilometre walking and camping experience that links Noosa North Shore with Rainbow Beach on the Sunshine Coast. As part of the Queensland Ecotourism Trails program, the Cooloola Great Walk is an opportunity to enhance and complement one of Queensland’s iconic long-distance walking experiences, attracting new local and international visitors.

Shortlisted Tourism Operators have been announced as the project moves into the Request for Detailed Proposal stage. In partnership with Traditional Owners, Tourism Operators will be able to provide experiences such as guided walks and operate low impact eco-accommodation, in addition to the existing public walkers’ camps.

Community members and interested stakeholders are now invited to share their ideas and suggestions for a new ecotourism offering along the Cooloola Great Walk.

Queensland Ecotourism Trails is a program facilitated by the Tourism Development Projects Division at the Queensland Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development.

GET INVOLVED | Share your ideas and knowledge about the iconic Cooloola Great Walk on the Sunshine Coast, to assist with new ecotourism offerings:


About the Cooloola Great Walk

The Cooloola Great Walk is an existing 102-kilometrewalking and camping experience that links Noosa North Shore with Rainbow Beach, through the Great Sandy National Park on the Sunshine Coast. 

Visitors can discover perched lakes, ancient sand dunes and a diverse range of ecosystems including coastal woodlands, heathlands and rainforest, each boasting unique flora and fauna. 

The existing trail is a Grade 4 track recommended for experienced walkers, with rough, steep and sandy sections. Visitors can walk the trail over five days, camping in existing walkers’ camps along the way.

There are options to complete shorter walks through the Great Sandy National Park which offers separate four-wheel driving tracks.

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For more information about the Queensland Ecotourism Trails program:






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