Changing their Mind

Changing their Mind

Having a conversation with someone who isn't social distancing (Mamamia)

Posted on 02.04.2020

If someone in your life is refusing to practise social distancing…

Despite clear guidelines and the possible penalties, including an $11,000 fine or six months imprisonment, some Australians are not, right now, practising social distancing.

This might mean that they’re having multiple people over for dinner, attending a boot camp at their local park with a class, or visiting a packed beach, where it’s impossible to maintain space between people.

A final note…

Let’s imagine that as individuals we have two choices right now.

To ‘underreact’ or to ‘overreact’.

Let’s consider the stakes.

If we underreact and continue to live our lives as normal the worst case scenario is:

  • Contracting the coronavirus and falling very ill. In an unlikely case, this could mean death.
  • Transmitting the coronavirus to someone who is elderly or living with a pre-existing health condition and making them very ill. In an unlikely case, they could die from it.
  • Assisting in the spread of a deadly virus that will load up our health system, and compromise the health of other Australians.
  • You could be South Korea’s Patient 31.

If we overreact the worst case scenario is: 

  • We miss out on things that will still be there once this crisis ends.
  • Boredom, loneliness and discomfort.

If you can live with the worst case scenario of not social distancing, then by all means, ignore the expert advice.

But I suspect most of us couldn’t.

So stay home.

And maybe (hopefully) one day you can say: “See? That coronavirus wasn’t so bad after all.”





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