Active Recreation Strategy

Active Recreation Strategy

Help needed to develop the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy ...

Posted on 17.08.2018

Why we need a strategy

A lot of Queenslanders enjoy sport and active recreation. Yet many parents would like to get their children and themselves more actively involved. Sport and recreation clubs are working hard in the community and need well-placed support so that everyone can reap the benefits of being involved and physically active.

Sport and active recreation can improve your own family’s physical and mental health and well-being. They help us build stronger, safer, more connected communities through volunteering and employment.

But, there are many children and adults who aren’t as physically active as they could be even with our love for sport, our wonderful facilities and our outstanding climate.

So there’s room for improvement…

As our society changes, we face new challenges. Many children and adults spend a lot of their time on devices, or they sit for long stretches of time, rather than playing outside or engaging in physical activities. As a society we need to address the different barriers faced by specific groups of Queenslanders.

That’s why your help is needed to develop a strategy – the Queensland Government’s Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019-2029 – to encourage all Queenslanders, regardless of age, ability or background, to participate in sport and active recreation

The areas for discussion:

Download the discussion paper and summary

Help out with your feedback – so wise investments can be made to get people physically active, now and for the future.

  • Surveys
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Submissions


There are three quick sprint surveys and three more detailed surveys covering all four topics open for discussion

  • Healthy Queenslanders
  • Community connection and equality
  • Economic growth and jobs
  • Elite success.

You are welcome to complete all surveys if you wish.

Choose a SURVEY that best represents your situation.

Consultation Sessions

Coming to a town near you!

Check out the CONSULTATION SESSIONS being run around the state to find a location closest to you.



To provide a more detailed response, you can send in a written SUBMISSION. You will need to register first.

You can also mail your written submission to:

Sport and Recreation Services
Department of Housing and Public Works
PO Box 15478
City East Qld 4002

or email



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