Role & Objectives

Role & Objectives

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The role of QORF is to  provide consultation, advice on training, and representation with the primary objectives being representation; liaison; influence on resource management; quality; and marketing.

QORF undertake consultation work in areas that will impact upon the industry (such as proposed changes to legislation) and provides input into draft Management Plans (e.g. for National Parks). To do this we operate in consultation with relevant stakeholder groups.

QORF and its members have a history of involvement in projects related to research on the outdoor recreation industry. Through workshops, surveys and consultation, this ongoing research provides a demographic and economic picture of where our industry stands today, as well as where it is headed in the years to come.

QORF provides advice on the training needs of the industry and the implementation of that training predominantly through the vocational education and training system. We also strive to influence positive engagement in outdoor education within the tertiary and school based systems.


  • represent the views and needs of outdoor recreation participants to the community, other industries and all levels of government
  • facilitate communication between outdoor recreation stakeholders and between those stakeholders and external interest groups including: the wider community; land managers; the tourism industry; all levels of government and the legal and insurance professions
  • liaise with other relevant national and state bodies with similar objectives


  • develop policies, strategies and actions on key issues affecting outdoor recreation.
  • work with government to develop policies, strategies and actions that support and encourage outdoor recreation.
  • raise the awareness of the wider community of the value and benefits of outdoor recreation.
  • cooperate with relevant national and state bodies to establish national networks, standards and policy for the outdoor recreation sector of the recreation industry.

Influence on Resource Management

  • encourage and facilitate protection of the full diversity of Outdoor Recreation settings by promoting increased open space and an understanding of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) and other emergent issues.
  • identify and communicate outdoor recreation needs and facilitate access to natural resources that meet those needs.
  • encourage the development of a diverse range of outdoor recreation opportunities to satisfy the range of community needs for outdoor recreation.
  • encourage planning and management for ecologically sustainable outdoor recreation.


  • recognise outstanding achievements that support and encourage outdoor recreation in Queensland.
  • promote safety and quality experiences within outdoor recreation.
  • encourage organisational development within outdoor recreation to enhance the delivery of services that are appropriate, equitable and of a high standard.
  • promote best practice in standards and quality of leadership and instruction through the support of quality training within outdoor recreation.


  • promote the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation and its objectives to outdoor recreation stakeholders as well as to the broader community, including potential corporate partners.
  • gain recognition by all stakeholders and the broader community that the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation is the peak industry body for outdoor recreation in Queensland.



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