10,000 Steps encourages you to stay active …

10,000 Steps encourages you to stay active …

7 ways that 10,000 Steps encourages you to stay active during COVID-19

Posted on 06.04.2020

During this unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, it is extremely important to remind everyone that finding ways to be active will support your mental and physical health. At this stage, the advice is that walking in your neighbourhood if respectful of social distancing is OK and activity at home is absolutely encouraged!

Every minute of activity will add 100 steps and every 10 minutes will add 1,000 steps to your day! At 10,000 Steps we want to help you to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle even during social distancing.

1. Have a positive mindset.

Let’s all be inspired by the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines which recognises that doing any physical activity is better than none. Finding opportunities throughout your day to move, it may not be what you are used to but every step and minute counts towards maintaining your physical and mental health.

2. Get motivated.

How do you feel after you get outside for a brisk walk or do some activity at home? Joining one of our monthly Challenges can help keep you motivated and on track. Finishing your journey by the end of the month will automatically enter you into the draw to win a Garmin activity tracker or new pair of ASICS to help keep you moving.

3. Track your steps.

Find a daily number of steps that suits you and decide how you can reach that goal each day. Record your steps on our website or mobile app and watch you graphs grow! If you don’t have a pedometer or activity tracker, use your Health app on your smartphone.

4. Walk together virtually.

Sometimes having an activity buddy makes all the difference. Connect with your friends on the 10,000 Steps website to check their progress or get a team together to walk together in a Tournament.

5. Walk your dog.

There is likely to be a lot of happy pups out there who are loving having their owners home! Take a mental and physical break by taking your dog for a walk in your neighbourhood. Brighten someone’s day with a smile and take notice of how beautiful your neighbourhood is! If your area could be more conducive to walking, make some mental notes and provide your suggestions to council for improvements.

6. Play with the kids.

The kids will be missing their sport and playtime as much as you, so find ways to be active together. Take this extra free time to be present, jump on the tramp, make obstacle courses, go for a walk or run or find some free exercise videos to give a go. Any activity that increases your heart rate will benefit your health!

7. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Keep up to date with the latest from our program and to be reminded of positive messages, new Challenges and activities that you can be involved in to keep motivated and stay active.

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